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Metallurgical engineers produce materials that power our world.

Metallurgy and Materials Engineering is the science & technology of producing, and processing & providing proper shape to metals & alloys and other Engineering Materials having expected properties through economically viable methods.

Research activity Department!

Our Assignment is to support world-class teaching and research activity at the Department of Metallurgy and Materials, of Engineering & Technology. Metallurgical and Materials Engineering is a domain of engineering that circumnavigates the spectrum of materials, classes and how to operate them in manufacturing. It is the technology of creating and processing and giving reasonable shape to metals and alloys and other engineering materials having selected properties through the economically viable method. The domain offers an enormous range of activities and domains of influence with a high degree of job fulfillment for both men and women.

The department of metallurgy and materials engineering offers a four-year Study titled Bachelor of Engineering in Metallurgy & Materials. The subject of mineral condiment, Metallurgical Thermodynamics and Kinetics, Iron Making Technology, Steel Making Technology, and Material Metallurgy Science of Engineering Materials, and Assessment. & testing of Materials heat therapy and Phase Transformation, Corrosion & Protection, Manufacturing Technology and Engineering Fracture Mechanics form the foundation for degree examinations but other related subjects also contain in the course to make it adaptable and integrate with other fields of Engineering. The Department also offers a Master of Engineering (M.E.) in Metallurgy.

Testing material!

The material testing should offer high exactness and precision so there is a need that these machines to keep the healthy assurance program. Care is also brought in the term that manufacturing of this instrument should be under severe custody of the professionals maintaining sound experience in the field. As the appliances have to go under several testing procedures, so there is a need for the engine to be tested on a routine basis, which ensures durability. It is advised that renowned manufacturers must be looked for material testing equipment.

If it is about the calibration assistance, then only unpretentious and true service providers will give out the full recollection system with the data sheets for all items repaired. It should also be checked that the service needs are device-specific. Technology advancement has also handled the calibration services, and these benefits have gone through huge changes to remove top quality, there are several steps through, which these appliances have to undergo. Not only this, but calibration is apt for industrial purposes. It also eyes, that everything manufactured should be according to the specifications and also check the competence level of the valid effects inferred technically. Contacting enhanced with technology is the requirement of the hour and so is the case with these material testing tools the height of the technology also keeps the consumers satisfied.

There is a comprehensive variety of textile testing machines which can be used in different enterprises, which include material testers for plastics, adhesives, medical devices, and ceramics and also in the building field which are called material crushing machines. The manufacturer offers these machines according to the customer’s needs and conditions whether they be stationary or fatigue testing tools. The quality of the material grinding machines should be checked, as these appliances have a great task to accomplish. These machines have found their way into many industries such as mining, Metallurgical and Materials quarrying processing and industrial laboratories.

Use proper cleaning materials.
First and greatest, you should try your best not to present dirt and blemishes in your microscope, like your polarized light microscope. When such a strategy is unavoidable, then you must use the appropriate cleaning materials. Do not use your hand or your shirt when tapping the drops or the lenses. Kim-Wipes are among the most widely used tissues used in washing certain parts of your microscopes. Certain parts need particular solvents, so do your research. Remember as well to be very careful with the lenses as over-cleaning can damage them.

The study of metallurgy has been considered extremely useful for many decades and it incorporates both the science and technology of metals. This is because, in its most essential sense, metallurgy sees scientists examining the microstructure of the metal, and this microstructure establishes the self-regulating properties of the metal and therefore determines how engineers can predict and influence its behaviors.

Metallurgy has many different definitions and characterizations:

* It is the science of creating metals and alloys in dissimilar shapes and, crucially, with possessions suitable for practical use.

* It is the science and study of the conducts and properties of metals and their extraction from their ores.

* It is the science that deals with techniques used in extracting metals from their ores, purifying and alloying metals and creating useful objects from metals.

* It is an involved science – it links the science of metals to the metals industries.

* The account of metallurgy can be dated back many thousands of years when humans first desired metal for its many useful properties.

Special Piping Materials and Metallurgy

As a maximum global stockholder and supplier of piping and piping products in a variety of exotic materials, it is only realistic that Special Piping Materials is well versed in the subject of metallurgy.

The high-quality developments that we source, stock and supply are required to be favorably reliable and to consistently perform in a variety of harsh and hostile conditions. Our clients, therefore, need to know what properties the different metals have and how they can be subsequently used in different environments.


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