MetaHash has announced the upcoming launch of MetaGather Program to help expand the MetaHash community

MetaHash — the high-performance cryptocurrency network — has announced the upcoming launch of the MetaGather Program, a targeted campaign to expand the MetaHash community through the introduction of free forging trial and referral mechanics.

“To increase the number of individual forgers we will be offering new users that join the program 1000 #MetaHashCoins as free rent,” details MetaHash Tech Lead and Co-founder, Gleb Nikitin.

The forging process is analogous to mining in Bitcoin but differs distinctly in its design consideration of functioning as a staking mechanism in the MetaGate ecosystem, besides it doesn’t require heavy investments in hardware and can be available for ordinary computers. MetaGate is a decentralized application directory for the web built on MetaHash’s original blockchain infrastructure.

The native #MetaHashCoin is a critical component of the network used in everything from node operations to exchange services within the MetaHash ecosystem. The granted coins will be locked for sale or transfer and can only be used for forging and receiving up to 40 percent of the reward, which is usually forged with user-possessed coins.

Besides promoting MetaHash forging, the MetaGather Program also aims to lower the selling pressure on #MetaHashCoin, as the remaining 60 percent of the rewards will be fed back into the program for new participants and will not be sold.

“The program’s referrals system will let our community earn additional rewards by inviting people to try MetaHash forging, and any user will simply need to log-in and receive a link to invite friends,” says Nikitin. “The basic reward, 10 percent of the current reward, will be granted if a friend wins. Additionally, 10 percent will be added if a friend of a friend wins while the last two will get 10 percent each as well.”

While enlarging the number of forgers the MetaGather Program will significantly contribute to further decentralization of MetaHash network. The news comes on the heels of MetaHash’s other announcements centering on the network’s new “infrastructure torrent nodes” along with the new distribution guidelines for node rewards.

The MetaGather Program is scheduled for launch this month.

About MetaHash

MetaHash is a next-generation cryptocurrency network built on a unique infrastructure that relies on a multi-PoS consensus engine — empowering the network to scale above 50,000 transactions per second with less than three second for validation. The #TraceChain is the core of the MetaHash protocol, which supplements the MetaApps ecosystem and MetaGate apps directory.

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