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Metagenomics Market to grow at a rate of 7.1% by [2022-2028] | Get Customized Reports

A recent report from Future Market Insights predicts that the widespread use of metagenomics tools in environmental monitoring and pollution reduction projects will accelerate the growth of the metagenomics market. Recent technological developments are helping to significantly lower the costs associated with sequencing, opening the door for the widespread adoption of genetic sequencing.

This has created new possibilities for monitoring the communities of environmental microbes using metagenomic tools on a large scale. Additionally, the effectiveness of metagenomic tools in addressing environmental toxicology is boosting its rising popularity.

For instance, a recent advancement saw the use of metagenomics to forecast the degree and presence of contamination in the environment, and another study described how metagenomics can be used to attenuate pollutants in the environment by using uncultivable microbes found in the natural environment. Metagenomics is also being used to better understand the impact that biostimulation can have on microbial communities.

Authorities all over the world are investing in research to increase the effectiveness and scope of bioremediation as a result of growing environmental concerns. Additionally, bioremediation is gradually gaining popularity due to its economical and environmentally friendly chemical treatment. The market is anticipated to expand as the alternative chemical treatment method becomes more well-known because metagenomics is essential to the success of bioremediation.

Clinical Diagnostics to Emerge as a Vital Revenue Pocket

In the near future, it is predicted that clinical diagnostics and bioremediation will generate the most revenue. The term “metagenomic diagnostics” is gradually gaining popularity as research attempts to broaden the metagenomics field’s potential applications in the medical field.

For instance, numerous studies have hinted at the development of a novel diagnostic method known as “shotgun metagenomics,” which employs DNA sequencing to identify various pathogens and facilitate the creation of effective targeted treatments by foretelling their resistance to various drugs.

The potential of metagenomic diagnostics to aid in disease prediction and treatment management is very encouraging. A variety of biotechnological applications, such as the discovery of novel enzymes, bioactive molecules, and genes with significantly better or entirely new biochemical functionalities, could advance thanks to the potential discovery of hidden genetic features by metagenomics.

Metagenomics Market Growth Underpinned by its Potential Application in Antibiotics Production

The taxonomic makeup of microbe communities is thoroughly examined by metagenomics. Regarding the gene traits particular to a given community, it offers accurate information. The production of a variety of antibiotics can successfully make use of the information provided by metagenomic tools.

Scientists at UC Berkeley recently conducted research in this area and came to the conclusion that using metagenomics for bioprospecting soil can help in the development of numerous antibiotics. The genes that produce antibiotics and antifungals to treat diseases in microorganisms were discovered using metagenomics, and the study concluded that the same chemicals may help treat bacterial and fungal infections in humans.

Library Preparation Kits find Growing Consumer Base as Gene Sequencing Gains Centerstage

Because they can quickly and efficiently provide a large amount of valuable information about gene sequences, DNA and RNA sequencing techniques are gradually gaining popularity. Clinicians, scientists, and researchers analyse the data produced by gene sequencing, and the knowledge they derive is then applied in a variety of fields, including agriculture, forensics, diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, and other applications.

The ability to efficiently and quickly extract gene segments for analysis is made possible by library preparation kits. Additionally, technological advancements are assisting the producers of library kits in providing better products that lower error and stress while raising accuracy. According to the FMI report, these elements will be crucial for the segment’s growth and are expected to make a sizable contribution to the metagenomics market growth.

Metagenomics Market Continues to Propel in North America, Upheld by Government Funding for Epigenetics R&D

According to the FMI study, the metagenomics market in North America is expected to continue to grow and hold a leading position in the expansion of the global metagenomics market. The region’s presence of cutting-edge infrastructure and ongoing government support for epigenetics research and development are key elements that are anticipated to fuel market expansion.

Additionally, the presence of supportive regulations encouraging R&D for enhancing healthcare quality in the region’s nations is anticipated to fuel market growth.

Metagenomics Market by Category

Product Type :

  • Sample extraction kits
  • Metagenomics sequencing kits
  • Library preparation kits

Application :

  • Bioremediation
  • Microbial diversity
  • Antibiotics production
  • Clinical diagnostics
  • Biosurfactants

End-Use Industry :

  • Hospitals
  • Academics and research
  • Pharmaceutical industries
  • Research laboratories
  • Others
    • Emergency services
    • Clinics.

Region :

  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Europe
  • APEJ
  • CIS & Russia
  • MEA
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