MetaFighter’s $MF Token Set for Grand CEX Listing on MEXC on 29 Feb

In an exciting development for the blockchain gaming and cryptocurrency communities, MetaFighter, the award-winning P2E (play-to-earn) fighting game, is thrilled to announce the upcoming listing of its native token, $MF, on 29 FEB on MEXC at 11 AM UTC. The exchange is slated to elevate $MF’s accessibility and trading potential, marking a pivotal moment in MetaFighter’s journey.

Award-Winning Excellence: MetaFighter

MetaFighter has carved a niche in the blockchain gaming arena, clinching the title of Best Blockchain Game 2023. By blending the high-octane excitement of classics like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat with a lucrative in-game economy, MetaFighter offers a unique, skill-based experience.

Players are rewarded with $MF tokens through various game modes, including PvP (Player vs. Player), PvE, 3vs3 battles, and tournaments, making every fight a step toward earning real-world value.

Expansive Gameplay and Features

  • Game Modes: From Free-to-play to Fight to-earn, MetaFighter caters to all, offering multiple ways to engage and profit.
  • Fighters NFTs: With 20 NFT Fighters available at launch and more unlockable as the game progresses, players can collect, trade, and compete with a diverse array of characters.
  • Marketplace: A vibrant marketplace for trading Fighter NFTs ensures a dynamic and engaging community.
  • Staking Modes: Players can stake their $MF tokens for additional earnings or to enhance their gameplay experience.

Click here to play the MetaFighter game!

Unprecedented Growth and Milestones

MetaFighter’s journey has been marked by significant achievements, including a successful IDO, top rankings on DexTools, the launch of an NFT marketplace, and the establishment of over 80 partnerships. The recent full web-game launch and IOS/Android soft-launch have propelled MetaFighter to new heights, with record-breaking daily active players and download numbers.

Looking Ahead: Innovations and Community Engagement

As MetaFighter continues to evolve, the team is dedicated to enhancing the player experience with upcoming tournament events, a V2 mobile game, a new GUI, and an improved reward system. Moreover, the introduction of the add-on game FIGHTY and continuous community engagement through giveaways and quests keep the excitement brewing.

The $MF CEX Listing: A New Chapter

The upcoming CEX listing of the $MF token is more than just a milestone; it’s a testament to MetaFighter’s commitment to growth, innovation, and community. While the anticipation builds for the reveal of the listing exchange and price, the MetaFighter team invites players, investors, and enthusiasts to join in this groundbreaking moment.

Further, with its innovative play-to-earn model, diverse gameplay features, and exponential growth, MetaFighter exemplifies the potential of blockchain gaming to revolutionize the gaming industry.

About MetaFighter

MetaFighter is a skill-based P2E fighting game that has revolutionized the blockchain gaming industry by merging the excitement of classic fighting games with a rewarding in-game economy. Awarded the Best Blockchain Game of 2023, MetaFighter offers an immersive experience that rewards players for their skills and dedication. With its innovative gameplay, strategic depth, and vibrant community, MetaFighter is setting new standards for what blockchain games can achieve. Join the action today!

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