MetaFans Is the NFT Project Sports Fans Are Hungry For; Here’s Why


Maxfield Bala and Marlon Phillips are the founders of MetaFans, a sports NFT project aiming to bring a sense of community to the sports world that fans want and deserve. Bala is a world-renowned artist who co-founded the project with his partners because none of the three believe that any other sports brand is doing a good job of engaging with their passionate fans and giving them real opportunities to get close to their favourite teams and players.

MetaFans aims to bring fans closer than they’ve ever been before. The project itself has all of the unique ingredients required to help NFT artwork take off. Sports fans, in particular, will love this project because it gives them access to exclusive opportunities, discounted tickets to events, and a sense of community that a big brand would normally want more control over, and thus potentially suck the fun out of.

Why Sports Fans and Crypto Enthusiasts Will Love MetaFans

Now that more and more NFT projects are coming out of the woodwork every week and some companies within this sector of crypto are becoming billion-dollar entities, the formula for the success of the project is becoming more and more clearly defined.

First thing’s first. A good NFT project needs to have a well-respected artist with an audience behind them. Bala is that. 

Secondly, in order for the project to really get off the ground, celebrities and influencers need to be interested in it. MetaFans has that covered too. 

Miami Dolphins legend and  Pro Football Hall of Fame member Dan Marino is immortalized in the project, and so is fellow Dolphins lineman Jason Taylor. Current NFL players like San Francisco 49ers running back Raheem Mostert are also featured in an NFT, as is Major League Baseball slugger Anthony Rizzo. Consider the celebrity/influencer box checked.

Then of course there’s the third ingredient which is exclusive access. MetaFans offers users access to something called the Diamond Club, an exclusive club where NFT holders can interact with entrepreneurs, influencers and thought leaders in the space to make connections, talk sports, and celebrate their NFT investments together.

Holders of Genesis MetaFans, the original first mints of the project, also benefit because they get access to discounts on sporting events and access to exclusive physical merchandise. Genesis holders will also get access to FanEpacks, which allow their owners to receive all kinds of exclusive giveaways just for holding onto one of the earliest minted versions of a MetaFans NFT. Early birds also get one other benefit which is the kicker. They get access to accessories and products their digital avatars can wear in the metaverse.

Why is that important? It’s because of what lies ahead on the MetaFans roadmap.

Sports Fandom in the Metaverse

MetaFans is planning to splurge on a big piece of land on the popular metaverse platform Decentraland, a project setting up to be a legacy brand in the metaverse sector of crypto. Imagine an environment where fans get to build stadiums, follow sports teams and attend events in the metaverse with their characters representing digital versions of their real-life personalities and characteristics. How amazing would that be?

Couple these features and benefits together and it’s obvious that MetaFans is positioning itself to become a true leader in the sports NFT niche.

Fans don’t need to worry about being at the mercy of big brands and their interest in protecting their intellectual property rights while masquerading as if the fans own something. 

MetaFans hits at the root of what an NFT community is supposed to be about. The passionate people that want to drive a mission and a vision forward and support the work of a talented artist.

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