Metadium will help you Optimally manage, use and protect your personal identity

Metadium is a next-generation identity protocol that helps you identify who owns and controls your personal data and the consequences involved. As a solution, It helps to give you a control of your data by providing a Meta ID with limitless potentials, helping you access and safeguard your own information.

The Identity of an individual is key to their recognition. Names, their family roots, nationality make up a unique string of information that uniquely identifies a person. Even if the names are similar, there is always something that sets a person apart from another. At governmental levels, identification is made through properly issued ID cards that contain all the necessary information to identify a person, along with a unique serial number.

As the world moved much of its daily tasks, businesses and socializing online, the identification of users was also evolved. From the earliest of chatting software such as IRC and emails to today’s handles used in microblogging and social media platforms, a person is uniquely identified at all levels.

Issues in Modern Identification

Merely a decade back, an active online user would have four, perhaps five different websites or platforms where he or she would need to register to access the services. Each one would have its own level of information required to identify the person or user.

Today, however, the number of different platforms, message boards, social media websites and discussion boards by an average person is much, much more than what was imagined. Each portal, with its unique identification of users through login IDs mean an online user today has to remember multiple logins and their associated passwords. This has created a mundane amount of segmented and fragmented data that an online user has to remember. Each time a new platform is accessed, the process is repeated, generating another username and another password to remember.

Along with this, with different regulations coming enforced, many platforms need to verify actual physical identifications. The modern, online AML and KYC procedures require users to submit their details, such as pictures, scans of their official identification documents and even utility bills.

The problem just grows as the users change from individuals to corporate ones, where more documentation is required.

Metadium: One ID For All

Metadium is a decentralized platform that aims to merge the offline identity (referred to as mundane) and the online identity (virtual) to create a single identification system that is unique and can be used in all ways of life, thus getting rid of all the multiple login and identifications used today.

Metadium does this by creating its own Meta ID, a self-sovereign identity that is borderless and gives users autonomy on it. The platforms offers:

  • Trustless System: With data stored on the blockchain, there is no central authority controlling it and therefore, all data is immutable and trustless.
  • dPKI: Decentralized Public Key Infrastructure means identities are managed with little effort and a huge cost saving and have no credibility issues.
  • Data Ownership: True owners of data have complete control of their data and identification and have the complete right to share what and how with other parties.
  • Regulations: Although blockchain technology is seen as a regulation free environment by authorities, Metadium is designed to actually work alongside, without compromising on the spirit of pseudonymity and trustlessness.

Metadium Team

Three brilliant men run the Metadium ecosystem:

  • Justin Park: As CEO, Justin has a history or working in the gaming, semiconductor and venture capital industries. A strong business operational professional, he runs the day to day tasks of the platform.
  • Ryan Uhr: Co-founder of Metadium, Ryan has a big portfolio as the founder of many other platforms, including the famous Coinplug. As an engineer of electronics and communications, he has worked in a few of the world’s most prestigious engineering companies.
  • Richard Yun: The other co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, Richard has a wealth of experience in strategic financial planning, venture capital and financial modeling. As COO, he looks after the operations of Metadium.

Partnerships with Metadium

Metadium has recently collaborated with Coinplug, a Korean leading bitcoin brokerage and service provider that runs a trading platform with multiple digital assets available. The platform has many technological blockchain patents under its name, 54 international ones and 117 at the Korean level. With the partnership, Metadium has the advantage to take benefit of Coinplug and develop its ecosystem efficiently and rapidly.

Investing in Metadium

With the ability to connect hundreds and thousands of people and corporations around the globe, giving them a controllable, single identity that can be used by every type of industry, authority and organizations to verify individuals and companies, the token, powering the ecosystem (META token) will only lead to increase in its value. Designed as a medium of exchange and a deterrent to DDOS attacks, the token will not only be used as a unit of value in financial exchange, but also as a medium of collecting transaction fee and rewards for block producers.

As such, the META token has a potential to increase its value over time. Investors, however, are urged to make investment decisions on their own behalf.

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