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Metacloud Announces Its Partnership with Bit Hotel to Host More Fun Events and Engage More Guests

Metacloud, a virtual environment where players can create, own, and sell their gaming experiences, has announced its partnership and improved services with Bit Hotel, social-first Play 2 Earn NFT Gaming Metaverse to offer more entertaining events and engage more visitors.

The Bit Hotel service allows users to compete against one another to win Bit Hotel tokens and native NFTs. Bit Hotel allows players to socialize, transact, stake tokens in-game, and buy and sell NFTs on a marketplace. Characters, hotel rooms, furniture, and other artifacts that have their benefits and may be used in-game are included in these NFTs.

The company has said and backed up its claim that collaborating with a gaming metaverse like Bit Hotel will allow them to present its consumers with yet another ever-expanding option to re-energize and express their interests. By bridging various worlds, they enable users to travel through a 2-D environment, play with their friends, network, earn money, and democratically create their own content on an entertainment and multi-experience platform. 

People will be able to not only own, rent, and sell land parcels on the blockchain, but also socialize and create relationships with other like-minded users on the network, according to Metacloud. Users will be able to monetize their land or simply amble around with their friends, playing and enjoying themselves.

Metacloud envisions millions of virtual and digital identities becoming real and existing, and as part of that, they’re forming partnerships with entrepreneurs to host monthly venues with a variety of artists and performers who will be able to host or attend events. Performers will be able to scan themselves and generate the most lifelike avatar possible, giving their fans the impression that they are watching them perform live in front of their eyes. Patrons can also design a doppelgänger avatar of themselves for easier identification.

Some of the project offerings announced by metacloud includes;

Live Performance- Single Show

Performers are only signed for a single show and are given one hour of performance time with this Single-Show package. During the monthly event night at the metacloud concert hall, they will also be available to other musicians.

The remuneration for performers will be made in cryptocurrency. Finally, Metacloud is responsible for the venue set-up, while the Performer is responsible for presenting a meaningful act.

Live Performance- Contract-Show

 Artists will be signed for a one-year contract with this package, which includes 12 hours of live performance at the Metacloud concert venue. It means that for the next 12 months, artists will present a one-hour-long show. They will receive their payment in Crypto every month.

Live Performance- Conversion: This package allows you to share a link to an existing live concert from outside the metaverse on the metacloud stage. The sole difference between a live performance-contract concert and a live performance-conversion show is that artists can earn extra money outside of the metaverse for an already sold-out show. The payment system is identical to those of the other products.

Executive Partnership: This is a one-of-a-kind collaboration in which Metacloud and the artist will be responsible for concert promotion. Metacloud can create one-of-a-kind NFT collections for a certain artist. Metacloud on Opensea and Metacloud’s Marketplace will manage the NFT collections.

Metacloud’s Tokenomics

Metacloud’s Tokenomics are intended to build a self-sustaining economy based on the $CLOUD token. With the VR Token used to buy and sell goods from traders and creators, the company will enable the formation of new business models and a new breed of digital entrepreneurs as the Metacloud Metaverse’s central currency.

Metacloud will be the place where people come to work, learn, rest, shop, and play as businesses develop places in Metacloud to sell and promote their digital and real-world goods and services.

The company behind Metacloud wants it to be available to everyone, so they created Tokenomics, which allows users to earn $CLOUD simply by participating in the world. New and experienced users alike are rewarded for their efforts, whether it’s exploring and experiencing the world, fulfilling quests, or developing things and properties that contribute to the development of our new virtual world.

About Metacloud

Metacloud is a Blockchain-based virtual reality metaverse that encourages individuals to express their ideas and live life in new ways. The Metacloud metaverse offers a wide range of activities, including parties, festivals, art displays, live concerts, casinos, and much more. 

You may find yourself unable to attend events due to prior commitments, but with the creation of virtual reality merging with technological advancements, this may no longer be the case. These two enable you to effortlessly transport yourself into an alternate dimension without the need for actual travel and feel bliss with minimal effort.

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