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MetaCene’s Seed Round Completed With Portfolio of Renowned Investors

MetaCene has completed its seed fundraising round, amassing a remarkable group of both Web2 and Web3 investors. Bolstered by renowned powerhouses of both spheres, the round culminated with a total of $5M.

MetaCene: The Future of Blockchain-Powered MMORPG

MetaCene is crafting a blockchain-based MMORPG, featuring a surreal post-apocalyptic world where players utilize a variety of NFTs to redefine civilization.  MetaCene aims to create an accessible Web3 world for the masses, with a focus on player-centric entertainment, governance, and AIGC-powered creation.

Impressive Investor Support for MetaCene’s Vision

As a Web3 pioneer, MetaCene seeks to build a Web3 environment that is not only innovative but also Web2 friendly. This ambitious vision has garnered investments from a number of notable corporations, including a wealth of Web2 firms backed by renowned listing companies. SevenX Ventures and Hash Global are spearheading the investment round, with WeMade, Emurgo, MixMarvel DAO Venture, Sinovation Ventures, and LK Venture among the other powerful names bolstering MetaCene. SevenX Ventures is a venture capital fund birthed by crypto veterans boasting an average industry experience of 5 years. SevenX Ventures has built a name through expertise in marketing, funding, tokenomic design, and resource integration. Their remarkable track record in fostering entrepreneurship underlines their critical role in MetaCene’s journey. Hash Global, another prominent player in this round, is a fund management firm that specializes in blockchain and crypto asset investment. They intend to create a thriving Web3 ecosystem by connecting global creative forces with professional skills and robust resources. With their investment in MetaCene, their mission continues to gain traction. WeMade, a well-known South Korean video game developer and one of MetaCene’s prestigious backers, recently flaunted an impressive user base exceeding 120 million across Asia. They consistently demonstrate their potential through outstanding performance. Emurgo is a founding entity of the Cardano blockchain that provides products and services that accelerate the adoption of Cardano’s Web3 ecosystem. They’ve shown a strong interest in MetaCene’s shining potential. Further strengthening MetaCene’s alliance is LK Venture, a subsidiary of Linekong Group and a Web3 investment and research institution. Known previously as Consensus Lab, and having invested in over a hundred projects across diverse regions, It now pins considerable expectations on MetaCene. Sinovation Ventures, a dominant Chinese technology venture capital firm, bolster this lineup with its extensive experience investing in early-stage companies. Lastly, MixMarvel DAO Venture, a decentralized investment group known for working with high-caliber Web3 projects, extends its support to MetaCene. Their efforts have earned them a commendable reputation in the recent years of exponential growth. In total, MetaCene has secured an impressive $5 million in investment, fueling its ambitious vision for the future.

MetaCene’s Extensive Collaboration

As the MetaCene world evolves, it garners widespread attention, interest, and the coveted trust of some of the industry’s most renowned entities. Their support serves as an endorsement of MetaCene’s potential and capabilities. Even prior to the successful completion of the investment round, MetaCene had already forged alliances with world-renowned partners, officially announcing the collaborative union of 24 prominent entities. These include integrating blockchain content platforms MixMarvel and Space3, Web3 solutions provider BlockchainSpace, and the technical backbone services of Rangers Protocol. MetaCene also collaborates with metaverse supporters such as BreederDAO and Ancient8, while building a strong economic system with the powerful Element NFT marketplace. The partnership with IndiGG, one of the world’s largest gaming guilds, reflects the critical role of guilds and community participation in MetaCene’s growth. Other members like Hooga Gaming, Troy Guild, and MGG demonstrate their confidence in MetaCene’s performance and express their support for its world-building and expansion.

A Rising Tide of Anticipation for MetaCene’s Upcoming Initiatives

In the wake of the successful fundraising campaign, MetaCene’s disclosure of its upcoming plans has incited waves of interest and anticipation among both investors and gaming enthusiasts. A key highlight is the release of the Apostle NFT collection, the genesis NFT of the game ecosystem. This exclusive collection, limited to only 500 generative NFTs, grants early access to both testing and official versions of MetaCene, advanced in-game NFTs, and exclusive event participation. MetaCene is also gearing up for alpha testing, seeking critical insights and feedback to fine-tune user experience and optimize player-centric gameplay. Alongside the Apostle NFT collection and alpha testing, MetaCene will soon open whitelist applications for those interested in securing a coveted spot in the early access phase of the MetaCene ecosystem. A maximum of 3000 slots will be offered for the Alpha test, providing an opportunity to pre-test and preview the expansive landscape. With this successful fundraising effort, MetaCene confidently strides into the future of the Metaverse. The attentive community also echoes this optimism and anticipation for MetaCene’s upcoming developments.

About MetaCene

MetaCene is building a next-gen blockchain MMORPG homeland for mass players. It presents a surreal post-apocalyptic society where survivors interact with diverse NFTs to redefine civilizations. MetaCene pioneers player-centric entertainment, governance, and creation through innovative PVE and PVP gameplays, robust technology infrastructures, social guild DAO governance, sustainable economic systems, and in-game editors. MetaCene is founded by gaming experts with 20+ years of industry experience from Shanda Games, Blizzard, Perfect World, and others. It envisages a multi-chain future from Rangers Protocol with real-time confirmation and super-low gas fees. The MetaCene Apostle NFT collection and the Alpha version are coming in 2023 Q2.
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