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Metabloqs Christmas Launch Party To Hit the Grounds on December 22

Metabloqs, the vibrant Swiss metaverse built on the XDC network, is the kin to the iconic monuments and wonders of the real world. Meta Paris Beta, Metabloqs’s first metaverse city, is launched publicly to all its users on December 22. Virtual replication of the planet’s Christmas celebration is prominently scheduled on the agenda from December 22, 2022 to January 1, 2023 in Meta Paris.

Megha Shrestha, CEO, and co-founder of Metabloqs stated:

“We are delighted to welcome all Metabloqs residents to Meta Paris. Meta Paris with the newer and enhanced features is now open to you all as the perfect Christmas gift.”

A number of panel discussions with the XDC community and SatoshiWomen community are in the plan on December 22 and December 27. Notably, 4 intriguing discussions are on the launch party week agenda. These panel discussions will focus on variant topics like the benefits of the XDC ecosystem, digital wallets, and the prominence of the metaverse in the Internet era. Delegates from the XDC Foundation, SathoshiWomen, and onXDC will be featured in the Metaverse celebration as panelists.

Apart from the intellectual interactions, the launch party week is also going to host a unique “Solstice Ceremony” by a distinguished Metaverse artist Simeone Scaramozzino. Also, this celebratory week has an exuberant DJ night with the new-gen DJ Sam Ace on December 27. Remarkably,  DJ Sam Ace is a Metaverse evangelist herself.

Metabloqs indeed plans to present the perfect Christmas launch party to its metaverse residents. Furthermore, the team is keenly focused on initiating the NFT airdrops to the metaverse’s early adopters during this week.

About Metabloqs

As the first-ever Swiss-based metaverse built on XinFin XDC Network, Metabloqs comes loaded with top-notch graphics, realistic real-world cities, individual identities, and much more.

Metabloqs is positioned to become the trusted metaverse of choice for business, finance, education, and entertainment. The platform will be based in real-world locations, beginning with one of the most iconic cities of all, Paris. Participants are encouraged to use their real identities, while an efficient KYC process and clear code of conduct will ensure a safe and compliant environment for everyone.

Metabloqs enables collaboration, learning, interaction, and networking in an environment of trust for users. For brands, businesses, and educational bodies, it offers a one-stop solution to build a presence in the metaverse.

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