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Meta Shares Reached A Record Intraday High

Meta’s stock price reached a record intraday high as two firms’ analysts increased their price forecasts, citing the company’s expanding market dominance in digital advertising as cause for optimism, according to CNBC.

TakeAway Points:

  • On Thursday, Meta’s stock surged to a record intraday high as analysts at RBC and Jefferies increased their price estimates, pointing to the company’s strengthening position in the digital marketing market.
  • After nearly tripling in 2023, the stock is already up over 45% for the year.
  • In a study published on Thursday, Jefferies analysts stated, “Meta has too many advantages to count.”

Meta’s Stock Price Surges

The stock rose 4.6% to a peak of $530, but it then sold off and ended the day down less than 1% at $510.92. The S&P 500 and Nasdaq fell more than 1% on Thursday, as the market as a whole declined.  According to the report, this was partly due to worries that the Federal Reserve was pushing back interest rate reductions.

Analysts at Jefferies lifted their price target on Meta to $585 from $550 and said the company’s gain in the ad market will increase this year. RBC Capital Markets analysts raised their target to $600 from $565 in a note on Wednesday. Among the roughly 50 price targets tracked by FactSet, RBC’s estimate is tied for the highest, along with that of both Wells Fargo and First Shanghai.

Meta’s Route To Success

After a brutal 2022, Meta’s stock skyrocketed as of early last year, when CEO Mark Zuckerberg declared that 2023 would be the “year of efficiency.” The company pursued hefty cost cuts, including the elimination of thousands of jobs, and focused on improving its ad business through artificial intelligence. Zuckerberg said in February of this year that he intends to “keep things lean” going forward.

“Meta has too many advantages to count,” the Jefferies analysts wrote. The decision to invest $27 billion in capital expenditures last year “has helped the company develop several strategic advantages over its peers.”

Additionally, the analysts said Meta could capture as much as 50% of incremental industry ad dollars this year, an increase from 33% in 2023. They also predicted Meta could outgrow Amazon’s ad business for the first time since 2015.

Digital Ads Key Player

Furthermore, Amazon has emerged as a major player in digital ads in recent years, as third-party sellers have been forced to spend heavily on the platform to promote their products and maintain visibility with consumers.

In RBC’s report, analysts at the firm highlighted Meta’s market share gains in comparison with top rival Google’s gains. They said they’ve seen some “advertiser resistance” to Google’s efforts to push its Performance Max or “Pmax” ad campaigns, which the company introduced a few years ago to let brands automate ad purchases across multiple platforms.

For return on ad spend and AI performance, RBC said “META indicated as strongly as we’ve ever heard over GOOGL on a relative basis.”

The analysts said Meta is likely benefiting the most from any spending that’s exiting TikTok, which faces a potential ban in the U.S.

Meta shares are up about 45% for the year after almost tripling in 2023.

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