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Meta Force by Lado Okhotnikov: Start Business in Metaverse

Virtual reality gaming is great but what can this technology offer for businesses? After all, it would be stupid to use the almost limitless possibilities just for playing. Going to the doctor, inspecting an apartment before buying, or doing virtual shopping are a few ways that a business can use to make money in the virtual space.

Once upon a time, people could not imagine that bulky personal computers would turn into compact portable devices. Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies are developing along the same path. As hardware costs fall and application development tools become simpler, these technologies are becoming available to the сommon people.

Experts predict that the market for augmented and virtual reality devices will grow rapidly in the coming years. Industry leaders such as Apple, Facebook, Meta Force and Microsoft are actively investing in the development of hardware and software solutions in this area. Many analysts argue that AR and VR will become as ubiquitous as smartphones are today.

Today, Metaverses are going through the same phase that the first social networks went through back in the day. When they first began to develop, platforms became a new type of virtual interaction where people could share information, communicate and create content.

This was a period of active experimentation and the formation of a culture of online communities. And then no one could even imagine how the world would change just a few years later, when the opportunity of content monetization appeared.

Follow the trend

The first to propose the idea of monetization was Jonathan Abrams. The founder of the social network Friendster launched the platform in 2003, and a year later it became the place where you could make money from advertising.

Friendster was followed by MySpace, Facebook (now Meta) and Twitter (now X). Abrams achieved success and became the subject of attention from such publications as Time, Esquire, Vanity Fair, Entertainment Weekly, Us Weekly and Spin. The founder of Friendster has even appeared on magazine covers and appeared on late-night talk shows.

However, in 2011, Friendster faced intense competition. Abrams tried to change the situation, but it didn’t help. Perhaps some management mistakes were made, or maybe management did not want to monitor the development trend. In June 2015, the social network was “suspended” but never launched.

Metaverse is a good way to take your business to the next level. Moreover, approximately 80% of Americans have heard about virtual reality,” Lado Okhotnikov says that virtual reality provides excellent opportunities for business development. History shows that people adapt quickly when new ways to make money appear and you need to take advantage of this opportunity.

Lado Okhotnikov presented a platform based on the principles of decentralization and collective management. In Meta Force each user can not just passively exist in the virtual world. He or she becomes an active participant in the global ecosystem and receives income from it.

Lado envisions a 3D Universe where everyone owns digital assets and can sell or rent them. Where platform tokens are awarded, which are converted into real money, and where you take part in the management and development of the project along with other community members.

This is the unique business model of the Metaverse, the new brainchild of Lado Okhotnikov. This is a chance to not only immerse yourself in the fascinating world of virtual reality. This is an opportunity to build your business, earn money and prosper in a completely new digital universe.

“People need benefits”: Lado Okhotnikov on the use of Metaverses

Today’s view of the Metaverse envisions it as the next step in the evolution of the Internet—an immersive, volumetric virtual space where everyone can live, work, and play.

Optimists argue that the Metaverse will enrich our experience, allowing us to experience events and scenarios that are not available in the real world. However, critics have raised concerns about the impact of the Metaverse on our lives. It is believed that it can increase addiction, misinformation and social divisions.

McKinsey and Company have predicted that the Metaverse could reach $5 trillion in revenue by 2030. E-commerce, gaming, entertainment, education and marketing in the Metaverse will be the main drivers in the next 5 years.

Lado Okhotnikov is confident that the Metaverse is a good platform for social interactions, work, learning, entertainment and making money. This stage of development is indicative of finding new ways to use technology to improve our online experiences.

In medicine, VR visualizations of projects that are at the design stage. In business and marketing, virtual reality is needed to attract clients to virtual tours and interactive presentations,” Lado Okhotnikov clearly delineated the areas of application of the technology.

Virtual medicine

Today, about 5% of the augmented and virtual reality market is occupied by games and entertainment, while the lion’s share is allocated to business solutions. Over ten thousand studies confirm that VR has the uncanny ability to calm pain, calm nerves and improve mental health.

VR is becoming a tool for assisting childbirth, supporting soldiers coping with the mental effects of war, and reminding doctors that their patients are people whose subjective lives matter in making a diagnosis.

For example, surgeons in Brazil achieved a significant breakthrough by using virtual reality to successfully perform a complex procedure to separate conjoined twins.

This unique procedure for separating conjoined twins took place in Rio de Janeiro with the participation of specialists from Great Ormond Street Hospital in London. The impressive thing was that surgeons from different countries were able to collaborate while in the same room thanks to virtual reality technology.


VR allows customers to test products or services before purchase, providing customers with an incredible degree of interaction and an engaging online shopping experience. This revolutionary fusion of technology and business opens up new prospects for an industry where consumers can “try before they buy” right from their home.

Renowned clothing brand J.Crew launched a virtual store in early June, offering customers a fun journey through six themed rooms to shop stylish clothing, shoes and accessories for the beach. This event comes neatly after the successful launch in May of the virtual Elizabeth Arden cosmetics salon, which faithfully recreates the historic premises on Fifth Avenue.

Lado Okhotnikov, “Take, for example, buying a car – for many people going to a car dealer turns into a real headache”

You can inspect the car while being completely immersed in virtual space, creating a unique and realistic experience. Thanks to this technology, customers can exchange virtual experiences in real time, experiencing the feeling of being in the same room despite physical distance.

Today, many well-known brands are actively exploring the possibilities of virtual reality to move their stores into the digital space. Companies such as Kia and Toyota are already offering their consumers to immerse into the exciting world of virtual reality, providing them with immersive brand experiences.

This trend reflects the desire to create unique and memorable virtual platforms that push the boundaries of online interaction and elevate the consumer experience to the next level.

In conclusion

As technology rapidly evolves, Metaverse becomes an integral part of our experience of the digital space. However, the transition requires more careful consideration than simply moving office space and protocols into 3D space. It is important to consider the diversity of people’s perceptions and needs in the new reality in order to create a successful environment.

The challenge for companies is that the transition may require significant changes in office structure and equipment. Updating IT infrastructure, purchasing virtual equipment and training employees in new digital skills is not a complete list of what may be needed. There will inevitably be costs associated with adapting business processes to the new environment.

Meta Force is ready to help you master new technology and implement ideas. Be part of a community where creativity, innovation and courage are valued. Here you will find a full range of services in virtual reality, Metaverse and digital technologies whether you need to create a virtual store, a training platform, an interactive customer experience, or anything else.

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