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Meta Force by Lado Okhotnikov Presents Force Wallet: Secure and Convenient Cryptocurrency Management

Lado Okhotnikov and Meta Force, a leading innovative platform for decentralized applications, announce the upcoming launch of their own crypto-currency wallet, Force Wallet, designed for storing digital assets.

Force Wallet has all the features you need to manage your tokens securely and conveniently. You no longer have to sacrifice comfort – our dApp will become the best security solution.


The Meta Force team, led by Vladimir Okhotnikov, goes further and plans to become a full-fledged decentralized platform for its own products. In particular, Force Wallet will serve as a reliable gateway for access to a wide range of services provided by the company.

Force Wallet will be available to Android users in the coming weeks, followed by an iOS version. The developers have already introduced a number of innovative solutions that are expected to open up new horizons in the world of cryptocurrency management.

More details about the Force Wallet functionality will be available soon. Stay tuned and get ready to move into a future where managing cryptocurrency will be even easier.


Meta Force values privacy and puts the most secure product on the market. Therefore, the first thing that needs to be said is that the access keys to the crypto wallet will be stored exclusively on the user’s device and in no case will Force Wallet transfer them to the cloud storage.

Increased reliability will be fundamental. All users will have confidence that their digital assets will be reliably protected. This is an important point, especially in the world of digital finance, where information security and privacy play a key role.

Naturally, the wallet will be able to store the most popular tokens and coins, including the Meta Force ecosystem’s own cryptocurrency, Forcecoin. This will make the decentralized application a universal solution for storing a variety of digital assets.

In addition to security, the Force Wallet crypto wallet will have other advantages, including an intuitive interface. In addition, the exchange of one cryptocurrency for another will become even faster, since after the release we intend to integrate the SWAP function.

This is convenient because you can convert tokens and coins without the help of third-party exchangers and exchanges. SWAP will make the process secure and simple providing users with convenience and control over their digital asset portfolio.

Meta Force is committed to the principles of decentralization, which is why the application will continue to be an element of this strategy, giving partners full control over their own assets.

We believe that DeFi is the future of financial technology and Force Wallet will help move in this direction. Therefore, our main goal is to provide maximum flexibility and freedom in managing digital finances.

About the company

Meta Force is committed to continuous development and innovation. In just over a year of operation more than 1.3 million users have registered on the platform which indicates its popularity among a wide audience in Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

It is worth noting the impressive financial result. The total earnings of partners have long exceeded 1.5 billion DAI which indicates the significant economic impact of the company and its products.

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