Meta develops the metaverse, WIMI builds a new ecosystem

We still remember that the choice between red and blue pills in the classic Matrix, and the science fantasy in such science fiction works often be a guide to the development of science and technology. With the emergence of new Internet concepts, such as metaverse and Web3.0, it seems likely that a great era of reality and virtual symbiosis will come soon.

Recently, Meta is developing the virtual currency, Meta plans to launch virtual tokens and cryptocurrencies for its App, which can be used to reward creators, borrow, and support other financial services. Meta financial Technologies, Facebook’s financial arm, has been exploring creating a virtual currency for the company, internally called “Zuck Bucks,” it was learned.

Meta’s current focus remains on the metaverse. The Meta cryptocurrency, internally named Zuck Bucks, also aims at the metaverse world and may not be based on blockchain. If implemented, it means META is a step closer to Zuckerberg’s “metaverse dream”.

Metaverse, the ultimate form of the Internet

According to the report, metaverse was written into the Shanghai industry plan, clearly pointed out the advanced layout of 6G network architecture innovation and forward-looking common key technology research, focus on satellite Internet, comprehensive experience, unmanned, smart factory and other application scenarios of frontier products; strengthen the metaverse underlying core technology basic ability of forward-looking research and development, promote the perceptual interactive new terminal development and systematic virtual content construction, explore the industry application.

The metaverse era is coming in full swing, not avoid, but a future market with huge business prospects. According to the Morgan Stanley analysis report, metaverse will be the next generation of social, media, entertainment, consumer, work, and living space platform, with an $8 trillion capacity. In addition, such a huge market expectation for metaverse is based on how it may be the new generation of Internet expression form. The conceptual essence of Web3.0 represented by metaverse is a timely iteration of the current three dimensions of Internet ecological interaction, logic, and data.

Specifically, with “reality experience + virtual interaction” innovation layout, into the characteristic theme experience, shopping, entertainment, sharing a studio, art experience, cultural market features, at the same time, science and technology and art factors of new media art form, immersive, interactive, participation, is committed to science and technology can assign, build the ecological system.

Therefore, in the Web2.0 era after 2022, the emergence of mobile Internet makes the interactive terminal expand from a single computer to smartphones and other devices, independent App applications become the main user experience, data from local deployment to cloud storage; another hot Web3.0 will be the mainstream of network form in the next 20 or 30 years, AR / VR / metaverse entry will become a new interaction model, artificial intelligence and blockchain will become the centralized presentation of logic layer and data layer.

In this judgment, the possibility of the ultimate form of the Internet is shown to the public. Corresponding to the development process of the Internet, it is the reform of information media, engine, and content form.

Enterprise layout metaverse, develop a new business model

And this virtual concept was seized by the intelligent business giants, and after 30 years of technological development, the virtual world may also become a reality, just like the ancient people can never imagine that the present human beings can go directly to space. And in the current situation, metaverse-related industries can have a huge space to expand. If digital tech giants with multiple advantages want to hold the market, metaverse technology startups have to advance the layout or even add the metaverse track.

To this end, many companies began to accelerate the layout of metaverse……, Not only Meta and Microsoft, but HR also asks questions about metaverse at Google, Apple, and Amazon.

The solid foundation of Google (GOOG) in metaverse layout is its advantages in artificial intelligence and cloud business. In 2017, Google’s strategy has been changed from Mobile First to AI-First, which is at the industry-leading level in both dimensions of AI technology research and development capability and landing capability. The AI algorithm framework Tensor Flow is widely used worldwide, and Google has launched TPU chips for Tensor Flow. In terms of cloud computing, Google Cloud is the global public cloud service provider of Top4 worldwide. With its combination of cloud and artificial intelligence, Google is expected to play an important role in the direction of the underlying architecture of metaverse.

Roblox (RBLX) is in its 16th year sooner than expected. The platform is nothing new, but more people have jumped into metaverse than ever. As face-to-face activities and parties during the COVID-19 pandemic became scarce. Roblox offers children a virtual party, personalized digitization, exploring new worlds, playing games, and even creating their games. Toys and Entertainment grabbed digital parties and infiltrated the platform to promote their brand through in-game activations and special events.

However, compared with the above two, metaverse holographic AR provider WIMI Hologram Cloud, Inc. (NASDAQ: WIMI) believes that the three mainstream directions of metaverse are more easily accepted by users in the future, and focus on building the metaverse ecosystem from three directions. The first development direction of the metaverse is the hardware-driven direction: Is relying on brain-computer interface, VR (virtual reality), AR (augmented reality), MR (mixed reality) and XR (extended reality), and other hardware and software facilities to drive metaverse, the direction of metaverse pursuit of better than reality immersive experience, now WIMI Hologram has several VR / AR / XR hardware equipment, and successfully entered the American market.

And the second direction is relying on powerful editing tools and material drive: by providing powerful editing tools and rich material, make the virtual universe development simple, the third direction is relying on the blockchain technology development NFT economic system drive direction: this direction in addition to the pursuit of a better immersive experience than reality, also pursue more real ownership through blockchain confirmation, realize players from the agreement with virtual world experience and create everything. WIMI Hologram currently has 195 technology patents related to image processing and display, model input/output, and 3D modeling, owns 325 software Copyrights and produces more than 4,600 high-quality and highly realistic holographic content.

Now, the mobile Internet has gone through a decade of vigorous development, and the traffic dividend has gradually disappeared. With the continuous development of 5G technology and AR / VR technology, metaverse has attracted large Internet manufacturers and many entrepreneurs to gather together. This is bound to make the metaverse’s “world” move in a more efficient direction.

Overall, the metaverse marks that the future is coming, and it needs to face this realistic trend. In our time, there is a particular need to maintain an open attitude. New things are emerging, especially with the support of smart technology and digital technology in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, we need to remain open to this changing world.metaverseMeta has the meaning of transcendence, which means to grasp the world in the way of thought. Only through our reflection and criticism can we have a more appropriate grasp of these things, including the metaverse that we support. Because of this, it is more necessary to promote the healthy development of the metaverse industry.

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