Meta Bitcoin – Global Meetup Relay starting in Thailand

The Thailand meetup was held at the Bliston Suwan Park View Hotel in Bangkok on June 5th, 2022, the second month of mining Meta Bitcoin, which is based on the Bitcoin token economics founded by Metasatoshi Nakamoto.

Meta Bitcoin is based on the same token economy as the Bitcoin ecosystem: 21 million total supply, 4-year halving, 50 MBTC per 10 minutes initial mining reward, etc., and both the foundation and miners start mining under fair conditions.

NFT Miner can be purchased online, and it is easy to mine at any time through it, and the advantage is that you can easily sell the NFT miner at any time. NFT Miner, released for the era of shifting from hardware to software and WEB3, said, “The initial barrier to entry is low and it can be mined fairly under the same conditions as the foundation, so Meta Bitcoin is so popular that it is called the second Bitcoin.

At the meetup in Thailand, the Meta Bitcoin Foundation said, “Bitcoin (BTC) is difficult to mine, there are electricity costs, other additional restrictions, and there are currently only 2 million BTC is remaining can be mined, so it is a burden to mine directly. However, Meta Bitcoin can be easily mined by anyone, so it is highly accessible, and it can also solve the environmental problems caused by Bitcoin mining mentioned by Elon Musk.” Adrian Aurelius, Co-founder of the Meta Bitcoin Foundation, stated, “Like the Bitcoin Foundation, our work is to help community and ecosystem to thrive. Just as Bitcoin has voluntarily achieved great achievements by the community, Meta Bitcoin will also grow based on the community, and Thailand will be one of them.”

Except for Thailand, where the first global meetup was held, the meetup event will be held in more than 20 countries where there are currently Meta bitcoin holders exist. The next meetup will be Australia, followed by Korea, Japan, China, the US, India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Iran.

At a time when the influence of the Dubai cryptocurrency industry is increasing as Binance, Bybit, and FTX acquire exchange licenses in Dubai, attention is being paid to what the Metabitcoin project invested by the first Royal Crypto Fund in the UAE will result.


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