Messier 87 App- A Decentralized Black Hole For Private Transactions

With technology built to change how crypto transactions will occur with complete anonymity in the future, Messier 87 app is shaking up this market like no other.

In a decentralized network, all nodes store a copy of the transaction chain. Every node is responsible for verifying and executing transactions. The transmission of information is handled through a P2P protocol over the nodes. Each piece of information has to pass through multiple nodes before arriving at its destination. There are also miners checking the transactions on every single node they come across. Thus far, blockchain technology doesn’t offer complete anonymity, making it challenging to protect user privacy in transactions. Here Messier 87 app comes to the rescue.

The Messier 87 app is one of the cutting-edge decentralized projects one should not overlook. Messier 87 (M87) is a fully decentralized ultra-secured black hole for private transactions on the Ethereum network to facilitate anonymous, private, and fungible transactions. M87 improves transaction privacy by breaking the on-chain links between origin and destination addresses, also known as transaction linkage. This feature is critical for users who want to keep their transactions secret from competitors. With M87, it is impossible to track where the transaction came from before it went underground. 

As a decentralized application running on the Ethereum blockchain, Messier 87 facilitates direct interactions between users. It allows for private transactions that are secure, anonymous, censorship-resistant, and independent of any third party. When tokens are deposited or withdrawn from M87, there is no link between the depositing and the withdrawal address. For this reason, users can request that funds are sent to M87, then withdraw these same funds into their non-custodial wallet anonymously. When this happens, the link between the initial sender is severed, thus ensuring the receiver is granted financial privacy on the public blockchain.

When asked about the goal of Messier 87, the founder stated, “We believe that anonymity & encryption are two vital components that should serve as the foundation of any cryptocurrency. Therefore, we decided to deliver a superior & more highly refined experience than our competitors. As a result, we developed a structure that works seamlessly, solves real transaction challenges, and has a lasting impact on the crypto community. Our objective is not just to create an innovative technological platform but also to bridge the anonymity gap that has plagued the crypto industry.”

The most promising efforts are built on communities of passionate individuals. The larger and more devoted the community, the more successful the project. Therefore, everyone is welcome to join The Messier 87 community and be part of a community working together to create a space where day-to-day operations, business strategy, and token utility will be governed by community vote.

In order to use the M87 protocol and complete your transfer, you must hold a certain amount of M87 tokens, a percentage of that amount will get taxed and burned or added to a treasury wallet.

Also, a very small percentage of ETH (1 percent or less depending on the total amount) that is being transferred through M87 will get taxed, Thus providing the staking pool with both M87 and ETH tokens,

Leading to Passive income for stakers of the M87 token.

For more information, visit their website: Or their Telegram:


Media contact

Company Name: M87

Contact Person: Neo Maze



City: Assen

State: Drenthe

Country: Netherlands

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