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Merlin Chain Unites Community and Enhances Partnerships for a Thriving Bitcoin Future

Merlin Chain has swiftly risen to prominence, challenging conventional narratives and establishing itself as a beacon of innovation within the Bitcoin ecosystem. This transformative journey began with a clarifying tweet from founder Jeff on March 10th, emphasizing the platform’s balanced focus on cutting-edge technology and community-driven growth rather than solely on marketing prowess.

In just 30 days following its mainnet launch, Merlin Chain has astonishingly amassed a total value locked (TVL) of $3.6 billion, a feat that positions it as a formidable contender against established layer 2 (L2) solutions and highlights its emerging dominance within the crypto space.

Community-First: A Philosophy of Growth

Merlin Chain’s journey is deeply interwoven with the Bitcoin community, tracing back to initiatives like Recursiverse, Bitmap Explorer, and the BRC-420 protocol. These milestones reflect a sustained commitment to fostering innovation and collaboration within the Bitcoin ecosystem. From enabling SVG splicing creation to launching the first asset, BRC-420, the Blue Box, Merlin Chain has laid a solid foundation for growth and engagement.

At its core, Merlin Chain champions a community-driven approach, recognizing the importance of fair distribution and asset recognition in fostering a cohesive ecosystem. Success stories like the Blue Box and subsequent assets such as the Music Box and Dragon Ball underscore the platform’s ability to create symbols of community cohesion and drive market performance.

Strategic Alliances for Ecosystem Expansion

Departing from traditional crypto competition tactics, Merlin Chain adopts a strategy of cooperation and mutual growth. Its partnerships with major Ethereum ecosystem players and approach to solving the liquidity problem through staking collaborations with projects such as Manta Network prove this.

To bridge the gap between Bitcoin’s inherent strengths and Ethereum’s mature ecosystem, Merlin Chain is rapidly establishing a comprehensive decentralized application (DApp) ecosystem. Strategic collaborations with leading Ethereum virtual machine (EVM) teams across gaming, decentralized finance (DeFi), and social platforms have accelerated the platform’s app development, with notable partnerships including LayerZero, Pyth, Cobo, MOBOX, and iZUMi.

Fostering Native Innovation and Developer Support

Merlin Chain is also at the forefront of incentivizing native innovation, nurturing a wave of Bitcoin-centric projects that cater to the unique needs of the ecosystem. A significant focus is on supporting developers through incentive programs, with the aim of driving the growth and diversification of Bitcoin-native applications.

Backing Merlin Chain’s technological advancements is a robust lineup of top-tier investors, including Sequoia Capital, IDG Capital, BAI Capital (Bertelsmann), 5Y Capital, and Vitalbridge Capital, among others. With over 20 investment institutions on board, led by OKX Venture, ABCED, Forsight Ventures, and ArkStream Capital, alongside major mining pools like ViaBTC, Merlin Chain is well-supported for both security and technological advancement.

Looking Ahead: A Vision for the Future

As Merlin Chain continues to navigate the complex landscape of the crypto world, its path is marked by a clear vision for the future. This vision is not only about technological innovation but also about building a community, fostering collaboration, and establishing a secure, thriving environment for Bitcoin-native projects.

“In the broader market’s view, Merlin Chain’s rise may appear sudden, but it is the culmination of our long-term commitment and deep-rooted engagement within the Bitcoin ecosystem,” explains Merlin Chain’s founder, Jeff. “Our journey is a testament to the power of community, the importance of innovation, and the potential for collaborative growth. We are just at the beginning of what we believe will be a transformative era for the Bitcoin ecosystem.”

As Merlin Chain forges ahead, its success serves as a beacon for the potential inherent in the Bitcoin ecosystem. It demonstrates that with the right mix of technology, community support, and strategic vision, the possibilities are endless.

About Merlin Chain:

Merlin Chain is a pioneering BTC layer 2 solution that leverages the strength of the Bitcoin ecosystem to foster innovation, collaboration, and growth. With a strong foundation in community-driven assets and a strategic approach to ecosystem expansion, Merlin Chain is committed to driving the future of Bitcoin-native innovation.


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