Menstrual Cramps: What Are They and What Causes Them?

Menstrual Cramps

With all the excitement around CBD products, it’s no surprise that women everywhere use gummies to relieve painful menstrual cramps. CBD is known to reduce inflammation and pain, but does it work at that time of the month? Find out below.

A menstrual or period cramp is a throbbing abdominal pain that most women experience at some point during the menstrual cycle. While some women are lucky enough to avoid cramps, most have at least mild symptoms—and some have pain that’s so severe they can’t perform normal activities.

Menstrual Cramps

The release of lipids called prostaglandins is a primary cause of cramps or dysmenorrhea. As the uterine lining begins to shed, a woman’s body releases these lipids. Hormone fluctuations and stress play a role in prostaglandin release, which in turn affects reproductive processes including the uterine contractions that bring menstrual pain. If you’re in pain and want a natural alternative, try CBD gummies that are made locally.

How CBD Gummies Help with Menstrual Cramps

By now, you’re probably wondering how CBD gummies work to alleviate cramps. CBD’s anti-inflammatory effects are well-known, which makes it a popular alternative to pharmaceutical pain relievers. All diseases, including dysmenorrhea, come from a form of inflammation—and CBD gummies may work to reduce pre-menstrual cramps, headaches, mood swings, and nausea.

Why Use CBD Gummies for Cramps?

Although CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties are the primary reason for its popularity as a natural pain reliever, the benefits do not end there. CBD gummies may:

  • Relax tense muscles.Because CBD reduces prostaglandin production, it may also reduce uterine contractions before and during a woman’s cycle. With fewer contractions, cramps will be less severe.
  • Lessen back pain.A common symptom of dysmenorrhea, back pain can also be reduced with regular CBD use.
  • Decrease mood swings.In the days before a woman’s cycle starts, she may have mood swings that include anxiety, depression, and irritability. With their antidepressant properties, CBD gummies may work to regulate mood.

The advantages of CBD gummies for menstrual pain are still being researched, and more work is needed to establish firm connections. While more studies must be done, the overall health benefits of CBD make it a potentially effective way to lessen inflammation, reduce pain, and have a more comfortable menstrual cycle.

Curious About CBD Gummies for Cramps? Try it For Yourself

CBD or cannabidiol is known for the health benefits it provides, including the alleviation of menstrual pain and cramps. While additional research is needed to confirm the effectiveness of CBD for period cramps, recent studies have produced great results.

Cannabidiol’s ability to diminish inflammation is why it’s such a popular and effective way to manage menstrual pain. By decreasing inflammation, CBD gummies will reduce the cramps, nausea, mood swings, and headaches that come at about the same time every month for most women.

While pharmaceuticals still have their place in pain management, CBD gummies are a natural, safe, and effective alternative. If you’re looking for a way to get through that part of your cycle, a pack of gummies may do the trick. Try some today!

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