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Mendix Is Open Source: What Does It Mean for You?


Mendix is a low-code development platform that assists enterprises in creating and rapidly deploying custom applications (apps). Mendix platform employs a visual, model-driven strategy in app development. The platform is established on a software application modeling standard known as open-source EMF (Eclipse Modeling Framework). It delivers a visual modeling environment that permits developers to develop app models using the EMF standard. This makes developing complex apps effortless without requiring developers to write codes.

Let us discuss how this Mendix open-source platform can benefit you and your operations. To begin with, what is an open-source low-code platform?

Definition of Open-Source Low Code Platform

An open-source low-code platform is an open-source solution that allows developers to build applications using a graphical interface, drag and drop, with minimal coding requirements. Usually, these open-source platforms are free, but some offer enterprise-grade aspects at a sensible cost.

In an open-source platform, source codes are available for download, and one can deploy, upgrade, and edit the code whenever one wants. The authors make the source code available for others to view, alter, share, learn from, or copy. The platform incorporates related tools that take you from end to end in the app creation and deployment using a visual interface.

Open-source software is reachable to everyone. It allows individuals without professional coding know-how to deliver fast, free, and easy solutions to build software apps.

Why Should Mendix as An Open-Source Matter?

Openness is the foundation of the Mendix low-code platform. Each Mendix platform and app level is open and extensible to flawlessly integrate with your enterprise solution’s ecosystem. The platform aligns with your infrastructure strategy in whichever way you run: Kubernetes, Docker, or Cloud Foundry. Also, wherever you want to deploy: hybrid clouds, private, on-premises, and public.

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So, why should Mendix open-source mean so much to you? Let’s find out!

Minimized Costs and No Vendor Lock-In

Open-source software entails free source codes that anyone can use at will. Contrary to proprietary software, open-source has no subscription fee or licensing. There are no forced payments or upgrades and locked-in terms. This greatly reduces user costs and makes an open-source platform sustainable for continued use.

The Mendix solutions platform offers centralized control from where the information technology (IT) team can effortlessly control and monitor operations. Maintenance cost is minimized as it is manageable, and the platform has a virtual way of software development. In any case, costs decline automatically as Mendix guarantees you to create more apps in a short time.

Moreover, low-code development platforms significantly lessen the hours necessary to build an application. You do not need to hire a group of programmers or expensive professional developers to deliver solutions. In that case, the overall costs of operations are substantially minimized.

Fast and Secure Transformation

Every business needs transformation to succeed in this competitive world in the current digital era. Customers are into online business and not on physical outlets anymore. This has put pressure on enterprises to digitally transform within a short span to deliver value to their clients.

Open-source solutions offer cost-effective and fast apps that can be customized to suit organizational needs. With an open-source solution, your enterprise can meet market demands and conveniently maintain your customer base.

An Open-source platform allows your operations to move swiftly through the high tides of dynamic economic trends. The platform supports the creation of a heavy and sturdy structure of countless programs and codes that reinforce diverse business operations.

Fast Development

You do not need complicated coding language to create applications using the Mendix platform. Programmers and individuals without coding expertise can leverage visual interfaces and drag-and-drop capabilities to develop apps that rapidly meet their needs. In this case, open-source platforms greatly minimize the time you need to deploy solutions.

Besides, integrating an open-source platform in your operations implies automating manually handled tasks and promoting a user-friendly application environment. You no longer require IT persons as this platform assists you in effortlessly meeting your customer’s deadline. Mendix’s open-source platform warrants fast and immediate implementation and dispensation of services.

Multi-User Experience

Open-source platforms permit several users to connect to one application all at once. The non-coders and IT team acquire a similar link to get the comprehensive details necessary for their projects. There are no bugs or technical glitches in running low-code applications. Hence, you are guaranteed safe handling of operations.

Enhanced Productivity

With open-source solutions, you need minimal investments for easier implementation and execution of business cases. Delivering low-code solutions requires minimal expertise and manpower compared to traditional development processes. Hence, the turnaround time is significantly minimized. With all these aspects, you’re guaranteed improved productivity.

Moreover, the capability to simultaneously execute various operations and deploy quickly helps improve your business productivity. You can be sure of improved efficiency if tasks are initiated in minutes instead of days for one operation. As a result, your enterprise productivity would be enhanced.


Flexibility is a vital aspect that supports open-source software. Open-source platforms allow organizations to become flexible and adaptable to current and future customer and market needs. You can upgrade apps quickly, effectively, and easily with an open-source platform.

Open-source platforms permit you to create a range of apps across organizations. Customization is effortless without necessitating license permissions and backend approvals. Therefore, you can personalize the apps to match your unique requirements. In this case, open-source platforms depict a flexible and universal appeal.

Wrap Up

Open-source platforms naturally permit you to experiment with quick prototyping and explore their existing features. They help you evade costs related to lock-ins and licensing and minimize go-to-market time. An open-source platform like Mendix gives you access to a sturdy framework with drag-and-drop features. It incorporates ready-to-use elements such as customizable charts and file handlers, which you can code when necessary. 

Mendix’s open-source platform can perfectly integrate your existing services and apps and tap into your operating data source. It is about time you get rid of conventional app development trends and have control over your operations with Mendix’s open-source low-code platform.

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