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Memory Games for Young Learners to Play on Summer Vacation

memory games for kids

Summer is coming soon, so long-awaited for schoolchildren, but alarming for their parents. None of the parents want their kids’ school gains to slip from memory and they are puzzled about what to do with their fidgets in the summer so that to keep their young minds sharp while school is out of session. Memory games are a solution! Playing memory games will be helpful to boost your children’s cognitive skills and keep their brain focused and acute during summertime. You may be surprised how good your kids can be at playing memory-based games and even competing with adults.

Classic memory game is a great family card game. You can play it with a regular pack of cards, or with picture cards that your child might like or even create himself.

It is so easy to play, just shuffle the cards and lay them on the table, face down, in rows. Players take turns. A first player chooses any two cards, turns them both over at the same time, and tries to remember their images and the position. If the images match a pair, a player keeps them both and gets another turn. If these two cards don’t match they are turned face down again in the same position and it is the main task of all players to closely monitor where unpaired cards are and remember their position. Then it’s the next player’s turn. The winner is the one with the most paired cards.

There is a diversity of this classic card game, so you don’t need to buy a special deck of cards. You can play with large numbers, such as from Uno, Skip-Bo, or Phase 10 games cards, for instance. Reading aloud the numbers on the cards while playing will be great training for your child to reinforce number recognition.

If you have paper plates and markers you can create your own memory game but in a much larger size, which will be even more fun to play, especially outdoors! Make a match for each image or number on a plate and make a vast game board. Let your kids create their artwork and play by the rules of the classic memory game.

To revise colors your child has learned in school, playing the “Simon Sidewalk” Game might be a great idea. Just draw a large multicolored circle on the sidewalk. Each segment is a different color. Call out a color and your child will have to memorize and recall each color called, and jump on the colors in the same order. This is a great memory game and sport activity at the same time!

The best game for toddlers to boost their cognitive skills is the “What’s Missing” Game. You only need your kids’ toys. Arrange and lay them out in front of your little fidgets and ask your kids to observe them, have them close their eyes, and then ask “What’s missing?” When observing their toys the children learn to use problem-solving skills to recall what parts he knows exist but aren’t in front of him. Your little ones will like this game because it’s pretty much the same as their favorite “Hide-and-Sick” Game!

A great option for training the memory of a little naturalist is a “Nature Memory” Game. Collect items outside and make a fun memory game out of what you find! It can be cones, seeds, flowers, acorns, stones, or whatever you find outdoors. Cover them up with plastic cups and have your child guess where the matching items are.

Summertime is not for learning but playing memory games on vacation can be a super combination of fun and training your little ones’ mind and recollection as well as reviewing everything your kids have learned in school. You can also always refer to our website learning apps for kids where you will find many educational worksheets and intriguing apps for your kids to hone their skills during summertime.

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