Meme Coins To Watch Out For: Caged Beasts, Dogelon Mars, and Big Eyes Coin Lead The Altcoin Charge

The altcoin season is upon us, as token projects chasing Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) are hoping to gain ground on the behemoths of crypto. Meme coins may be the central focal point of this new charge of altcoins in 2023 as investors clamor to invest in new coins with character. 

What are the best meme coins to buy right now? This article will discuss a few coins primed for success this year. This article will cover the established meme coin Dogalon Mars (ELON) and Big Eyes Coin (BIG), which are about to launch to an excited investor community, and the new presale star, Caged Beasts (BEASTS)

Dogelon Mars Comes To Earth

What makes meme coins successful is a team that attracts investors with a quality storyline and utilizes the funds raised to develop a superior project. Inspired by Elon Musk’s ventures and the popular meme culture surrounding cryptocurrency, Dogelon Mars is a cryptocurrency project that gained significant attention in the crypto community after its launch in 2021. 

It seeks to combine Dogecoin’s humor and community-driven nature with a focus on Mars exploration and space-themed elements. Dogelon Mars project is a deflationary, self-generating liquidity protocol built on the Ethereum blockchain, positioning itself as the forward-thinking meme coin set to explode in 2023.

Big Casino On The Cards

The close of the Big Eyes Coin presale is fast approaching on June 3rd, and its growing community is excited about the future fortunes of this cute kitty meme coin project. The end of the Big Eyes presale marks the culmination of an impressive development stage before launch, raising $46m. 

One of the reasons for Big Eyes Coin’s prominence is its commitment to ocean conservation and forward-thinking charity focus. Big Eyes Coin has attracted investors with a heart by including a 5% charity donation fee on transactions,

Reverting its coin value to its Stage 3 price of $0.00017 has been seen as a clever move by the development team behind Big Eyes Coin. With just days left to buy BIG at low prices, there has been an influx of investment. In August, we will also see the new Big Eyes Coin crypto casino launch, featuring over 4,000 games. With cute NFTs and community incentives, Big Eyes Coin uses all the meme coin tricks in the book and more. 

Simply The BEASTS

It’s clear that we are entering a meme coin season, and just like hunting season, you need to be prepared, especially if there are Caged Beasts on the loose! Fear not; the team behind the new meme coin Caged Beasts have the mutated creatures under control for now, but stay vigilant as they have been created to end humankind!  

Another reason that Caged Beasts has been created is to ‘lock liquidity’ to help secure the growing communities’ value. There will be 75% of funds caged with the beasts until the release date, when the world of crypto (humans) must beware! It’s early days for this emerging crypto project, but the signs are already positive. 

One thing you can learn from the Big Eyes presale compared to Caged Beasts is that if you spot a meme coin on the up, it’s best to buy when it’s cheap. The Caged Beasts’ referral program also indicates that the project plans to protect its community. 

Once you invest in $BEASTS, you can create a unique code that can be sent to friends and family, and if they invest in BEASTS, you’ll both get a 20% bonus paid directly back into your wallet! It’s always interesting to see why coins are on the rise, and whether you’re a BIG fan, an ELON lover, or a BEASTS fanatic, one thing is for sure; meme coins are here to stay, and they are coming for Bitcoin!

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