Meme Coin Launchpad Set to Help Trendy Ideas Blast Off to the Moon

Meme Coin

Meme coins are just like other cryptocurrencies in that they need to raise funds in order to make an impact on the crypto community. Sure, they may not come with fancy whitepapers filled with academic lingo and a macroeconomic case for impacting the world, but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a chance.

InuYasha exists to do exactly that. To give meme coins a chance to get off the ground. Even though the crypto industry is meant to democratize wealth, the fact is most big projects are supported by venture capital firms that aren’t necessarily looking at grassroots projects.

InuYasha Is Community Driven

InuYasha’s whitepaper is only two pages long and it was developed both for and by the community. It’s nothing fancy but it does clearly outline the mission of supporting meme coins “…forever and for good…”.

Many versions of Dogecoin sprouted up in the crypto universe once Elon Musk pumped the project on Twitter and the price skyrocketed. Since that time, many development teams have tried to capitalize on the hype by launching their own versions of the project. Some copy Dogecoin almost exactly, following the meme coin trend to a T, with very little in the way of documentation explaining the goals and no fundamental use case to the coin itself.

While InuYasha is counting on a meme-like marketing strategy to generate interest in the project and it is supporting other meme-like coins, the founders also wish to donate money to non-profit organizations and charities as well.

InuYasha Is Taking Shape Quickly

Still in its early stages, InuYasha features an anti-whale dumping measure ensuring that a single wallet can’t hold more than 1% of the total supply, an 10% tax on transactions meant to reinvest money in marketing and development, and the opportunity for the project to apply for funding of up to $50,000. Applicants don’t have to hold any InuYasha tokens to apply, but those that do hold tokens get to vote on which projects get funded.

With those basic principles in place, the team at InuYasha is now taking things to the next level with several new features now going live.


YashaPad is the next generation of launchpads offering users carefully vetted meme projects ready for investment.

Yasha Incubator

If you have a great project in mind but you don’t know where to start, Yasha Incubator helps development teams bring their games, protocols, and meme tokens to life.


YashaDAO is a decentralized platform that allows InuYasha holders to vote on community-related community-related activities including the projects that may be up for consideration for funding through YashaPad.

InuYasha Follows a Growing Trend Grabbing Hold of the Meme Coin Sector

Make no mistake about it. Meme coins wouldn’t be meme coins without the incredible rise of the original meme coin, Dogecoin. Everyone who has been involved with cryptocurrency for a while knows that Dogecoin was created purely for fun. There is no use case behind it. There never was. 

Today, many early investors who held onto the $DOGE are millionaires. They invested in a meme coin that is symbolic of the democratic approach to the development and advancement of decentralized applications and finance that the crypto movement provides.

That said, the first-mover advantage of Dogecoin no longer has the same viral impact on subsequent meme coins. That’s why InuYasha uses ‘memeification’ to market itself to the masses but ultimately does have a real desire to serve the crypto community and support projects.

Other meme projects are now doing the same thing, creating trillions of tokens out of thin air, engaging in fun, upbeat and meme-friendly marketing, but serving a fundamental use case or helping a good cause at the same time.

It’s good to see a project like InuYasha using the Pioneer that started it all to generate a buzz while also committing to making a difference to projects that deserve an opportunity to get some funding. 

Sure, many of them might use the meme strategy to get off the ground, but InuYasha is certainly going to make a difference in projects that have a fundamental use case too. That’s what crypto is all about.

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