Meme coin Experts suggest DigiToads (TOADS) Could Be Elon Musk’s Next Favorite coin after Dogecoin (DOGE)

DigiToads (TOADS)

Dogecoin days as the face of the meme coin space are over as investors continue to question its use case and application in the real world. DigiToads is the new coin rising to the occasion as the new meme king, depicted by a strong interest in presale. With the focus shifting to projects with proven utility and use cases, there is a change of guard at the top.  With experts indicating that DigiToads could be Elon Musk next favorite meme coin, there is every reason to pay close attention to it as it makes waves in presale with over $5.7 million already raised.

DigiToads Edge over Dogecoin

The hype and social buzz around Dogecoin are slowly drying up as new full-utility meme coins make a mark. Meme coin experts are already touting DigiToads as Elon Musk’s next favorite token owing to its proven utility around play-to-earn (P2E) gaming and NFT staking. In addition, it is making a mark in decentralized finance with trading competitions while spearheading initiatives to protect the environment.

DigiToads raising over $5.7 million in presale underscores the strong interest as investors take note of its unique and exciting features. A unique Web 3 game that requires people to purchase and nurture toads’ avatars is the talk of the town on providing a way of earning while playing.

By simply purchasing food portions and training equipment, gamers can nurture their TOADS avatars to be the strongest and largest in the swamp arena. At the end of each gaming season, DigiToads is to reward the top 25 players with TOADS tokens.

DigiToads has also emerged as a refreshing meme coin on enabling staking on the network. With a collection of 3,500 unique NFTs, it provides an opportunity for people to stake the NFTs for a chance to earn some residual income. By setting aside 2% of every TOADS transaction tax into the staking pool, it is providing a unique way of earning while simply staking.

The Ethereum-powered project has also taken earnings in the ecosystem to a whole new level by running monthly trading competitions. Traders with the highest trading volume are to earn Platinum TOADS and a share of the network’s profits.

The project’s deflationary model with its native TOADS token also sets it apart from Dogecoin and other meme coins. With a total supply of 585 coins, TOADS tokens in circulation will reduce over time thanks to a token-burning mechanism that will burn some tokens with each transaction. The burning mechanism is designed to curtail supply over time and trigger scarcity as part of a plan to prop up value.

Dogecoin Future as Meme King in Doubt

Dogecoin started as an internet joke and quickly gained momentum thanks to the hype and pumping by high-profile personalities like Elon Musk. Its biggest undoing has always been the need for a use case or utility to prove its worth in the real world.

Musk’s vocal support of the meme coin has waned significantly in recent months, something that has piled pressure on DOGE, the native token. The token is already down by more than 30% from its 2023 highs and is in dire need of a new catalyst to bounce back.

Dogecoin’s long-term prospects are looking increasingly gloomy as the focus shifts to projects with real-world applications. DigiToads has emerged as a refreshing contender due to its unique features affirming its wide application.

Bottom Line

Despite being new on the block, TOADS tokens have exploded by more than 200% in presale, affirming their acceptance in the meme coin space. While Dogecoin has created numerous millionaires in the past on hype and speculation, it’s unlikely to do so in the future. Its lack of proven utility and use case has forced investors to start questioning its long-term prospects.

DigiToads has already pounced on Dogecoin’s weakness with unique features around P2E gaming, NFT staking, and trading that are attracting whale investors into the ecosystem. Likewise, it has emerged as a meme king, with experts projecting gains of over 1000% going by the strong interest in presale.

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