Melirowland: Entrepreneur, Momboss and Idol

Who Is Melirowland? Let’s Find Out

2020 was an exceptionally difficult year for most workers– especially those with children and consequent parental responsibilities. Due to the economic uncertainty that followed, most parents struggled to keep a similar financial situation to the one they had prior to the pandemic.

For example, according to the U.S Census Bureau, almost one in five (19.6%) of employed adults had to stop working because the COVID-19 crisis significantly altered their ‘’childcare arrangements’’. Working mothers were hit exceptionally hard in this area, with industry statistics showing that they were almost three times more likely than their male counterparts to stop working due to new childcare-related demands. 

Melissa Rowland (best known as Melirowland) has been a symbol of hope during these adverse times, illustrating the ways in which mothers around the U.S can successfully co-manage both: their family, and their professional life. 

Melirowland: Professional Achievements

Aside from being a social media influencer, ‘’alpha female’’, and a momboss, Melirowland is also a prolific business woman. She has graduated with a degree in Criminal Justice from the California State University of Long Beach, after which she became a self-made millionaire at the age of 21. 

Since then, she has further propelled her entrepreneurial success- becoming the CEO of M J Holdings in 2013, and being involved in Billionaire Boys Club. At the age of 24, Melirowland was able to purchase her very first ‘’dream car’’, a white Bentley.

Melirowland’s success is reflected in her inspiring lifestyle (which has proliferated her following significantly in the last couple of years). When she was 28, Melissa purchased her very own Rolls Royce car, and she has since then managed to continuously travel around the world in her private jet- dining in exclusive islands and popular Michelin star restaurants. 

Tony Robbins has been one of Melirowland’s biggest sources of inspiration since she met him back in 2018, and (to this day) the popular social media influencer still credits him for inspiring her to become the prolific author that she now is.

The Unicorn Mom

Aside from her significant success as a professional woman, however, Melirowland is also the mother of two young and healthy boys.

After meeting the love of her life back in 2017, she got married in France (Paris) in 2018- around a year later.  After experiencing a devastating miscarriage, Melissa eventually welcomed her first baby boy in October of 2019- her second son was delivered approximately 11 months later in September of 2020.

Even though Melirowland is raising her two sons with no external help, she has continued to thrive as an entrepreneur. Managing her business in conjunction with her family’s affairs has significantly propelled her holistic social media influence and popularity, as it has (unsurprisingly) served as a source of inspiration for thousands of mothers around the world.

Aside from her CEO position in M J Holdings, Melirowland has also announced that she will soon be: a) launching a self care products company tailored for parents (both mothers and fathers), b) releasing her newest book titled Unicorn Mom and “Unicorn Mom Academy” workshops in 2022.

Melirowland Takes A Stand

As Melirowland was in foster care during her late teenage years (14-17), she has a rather special appreciation for the hardships that such a situation entails. Consequently, she is very passionate about education and financially supporting the less privileged teens in our society- a mindset which is shared by one of her biggest idols (Angelina Jolie).

Similarly, Melirowland has used her position of power and influence to raise awareness for a plethora of women’s issues including domestic violence- as her own mother was tragically  a victim of abuse, and is also a massive proponent of supporting women who are struggling with Postpartum Depression and Infertility. 


Above we have delineated the fascinating and unconventional path that Melirowland has followed. Overall, we can undoubtedly see why she has amassed such a significant global following in recent years.

Her unique personality, relentless drive, and warming character has motivated a prolific number of young women around the world to strive to attain both: motherhood and entrepreneurship.

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