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MegaDAO is a thesis-driven investment company that makes investments in cryptocurrencies, tokens, and blockchain firms that are reshaping trillion-dollar markets. We run a hedge fund and a venture fund, and also invest in both public and private markets.

We’ve built a reputation as forward-thinking, independent thinkers from our inception. We’re known for developing groundbreaking token economic models and valuation procedures, as well as challenging long-held assumptions in the crypto community.

We actively and directly take part in networks as a crypto-native fund with many activities such as staking, keeper operations, liquidations, and more than that. Besides, we are not only well-versed in cryptographic technology and market structure but we also are hands-on investors who will try our best to help our portfolio company succeed.

We are capable of managing long-term capital for illustrious venture capital funds, family offices, institutions, and high-net-worth individuals these days.

MegaDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization. We are an investment fund, specialized in establishing art products, focusing on investing in cryptocurrency, blockchain company based on DAO.

When compared to a traditional company, a properly designed DAO model is bound to be more efficient, scale better, and turn profitable faster. As a result, there are many businesses, both physical and digital, that are aiming to have development activities like DAOs in the future. Working as a DAO is another step forward for MegaDAO in guiding the DAO revolution in many upcoming years.

Application of MegaDAO token

Participate in the investment and reap the benefits of the MegaDAO token.

– Run for CEO and receive rewards from DAO Management Rewards.

– Receive the shared prize with the CEO when join the lock voting for CEOs

– Ability to make payment in projects of MegaDAO ecosystem

– Voting for projects to expand MegaDAO’s investment prospects

– Keeping the MegaDAO Chain platform running (from the second quarter of 2023)

Who are we and what is the vision?

Mega Decentralized Autonomous Organization (MegaDAO) permits founders and key team members to have fewer legal obligations and deliver more open services in Defi by decentralizing project ownership.

The most outstanding points of MegaDAO

– Develop and benefit from endless models, unaffected by trends, through a decentralized investment fund managed by the community and for the benefit of the entire community.

– The 21-CEO management paradigm is very competitive, accumulating worldwide intelligence.

– The MegaDAO token is used throughout the investment ecosystem.

– MegaDAO intends to be a role model for other DAOs by providing maximum protection and anonymity to its end-users in a true, decentralized governing community, thanks to its biometrically validated Proof-of-Existence token.

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