Meet Verifier: The World’s Fact Checking System

The wealth of information available to ordinary citizens throughout the world has made starting a business more possible today than ever before. Nevertheless, in order to compete and succeed small business entrepreneurs must find ways to integrate technology, data, and resources seamlessly into their businesses and make all are accurate.

It is essential that the time of entrepreneurs be used as efficiently as possible. In many cases, technology can be used to streamline processes and increase the effectiveness of business operations, yet not all technology is easily accessible to all business owners.

Building a sound reputation is vital to establishing the credibility of a business. In order to obtain a loyal base of clients, small businesses must prove their reliability and credibility. Creating and perfecting a brand become irrelevant if clients cannot trust that the business they are seeking services from is credible.

The verification of information is essential to ensuring that businesses are run in the most secure and trusted manner. Not only do potential clients require trust in businesses before completing transitions, but also business owners must establish trust in their clients in order to protect their investments. However, business owners should have the opportunity to devote all of their time to building their company.

That is why blockchain platform Verifier gives entrepreneurs the ability to focus on what’s important- running their business. Verifier allows small business owners to free up wasted time usually spent away from the office dealing with burdensome paperwork and information processing.

Verifier creates a system that uses “agents” to verify information for clients using its service. Similar to crowdsourcing employed by tech companies like Uber and Lyft, Verifier software is used to connect clients and business owners with agents.

These agents work on behalf of Verifier for clients and or entrepreneurs to allow for total digital transformation. These agents guarantee to verify the legitimacy of transactions and ensure proper record keeping. As businesses continue to grow, verifier allows for the hiring of multiple agents at once.

“When we talk about digital transformation, we normally mean disruption by technology, however in some aspects combining human resources (crowdsourcing) with vanguard technologies can make the transformation much more efficient,” explains Verifier Founder, Dmitry Nazarov.

Additionally, as a means of creating an anonymous and effective market, Verifier has its own tokens that can be exchanged on cryptomarkets for common cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. This service offers seamless integration of technology that directly impacts the daily functioning of businesses all the while creating a method for verification that is trusted, efficient, and secure.

Overall, Verifier increases the potential for businesses to establish a global footprint with limited resources.

Most large businesses and corporations utilize comprehensive independent audits to guarantee verification, yet these services are generally inaccessible to small business. With Verifier, startups now have access to a 3rd party verification system at a minimal cost. This ultimately allows small business owners to improve overall functioning and streamline organizational processes

As small businesses develop relationships with clients making them wait long periods of time in order to complete verification processes is prohibitive to forming long-lasting relationships. In order to create loyal customer bases, clients expect convenience and efficiency in all business handlings.

Not only will verifier make business more attractive to clients, but also the service will make organizational processes within businesses more secure and efficient. Considering both of these benefits, it is clear that Verifier will allow business to build a reliable brand and establish credibility all the while saving time and money.

Enter the Blockchain: Disruption through a distributed ledger

According to the World Bank, Distributed ledgers (DL) use independent computers — referred to as nodes — to record, share and synchronize transactions in their respective electronic ledgers, instead of keeping data centralized as in a traditional ledger. The blockchain is one type of Distributed Ledger.

Blockchain technology allows for secure, reliable, and effective transfer and storing of information throughout the world. The implications of a global community fueled by blockchain are tremendous, yet it is important to recognize that the technology is not yet easily accessible to everyone. There is a reason why 57% of global corporations are looking into blockchain.

Ordinary business owners around the world could greatly benefit from the use of this service, but without the ease of access, the widespread benefits of the technology are hindered. Verifier solves this problem with its incredibly versatile and accessible platform.

By tapping into the technological advances provided by Blockchain, Verifier’s platform allows small business owners of all backgrounds to benefit. At the core of any business are contracts and transactions. Both of these define political and economic structures in all forms and at all levels. Blockchain eliminates the need to create physical contracts and engage in monotonous and time consuming physical record keeping.

The implementation of this technology by all involved parties allows for seamless transfer of information and data that contains a comprehensive digital record.

More so, Blockchain is a secure and confidential system that offer exponentially greater protection and encryption than convection means of information verification and transfer. Verifier’s use of Blockchain as its central means of operations combines accessibility with functionality.

Verifier has the potential to radically transform the global economy by increasing the efficiency of small businesses everywhere and making the unparalleled technology of Blockchain available and accessible to all.

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