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Meet Ty Greenfield, the host of the leading podcast in Web3: NFT and Chill

Introduction to Ty

I was born in Hartford, Connecticut in 1985 making me an elder statesman in Web3 where I’m known as The Mayor which is my digital identity. I studied psychology at Central Michigan University and my background is in marketing and social media management in the e-commerce space. 

The first NFT project I got involved with heavily was Based Fish Mafia, that’s where I really got a feel for community in Web3. Based Fish Mafia was also where my first job in the space came from, I began as their social media/community manager which started me on my career in Web3. After being interviewed on several podcasts promoting BFM the community suggested I start one of my own, thus NFT and Chill were born. Thanks to the support of the BFM and Web3 community NFT and Chill quickly became one of the most popular podcasts in Web3 heard by over 150k people worldwide. It was nominated “Best NFT Media” at NFT NYC this year and I’ve spoken at many of the biggest conferences in the space. I’m also a Web3 consultant for a number of agencies and I do a lot of educational work with women’s groups and organizations helping onboard new people into the space.

How did you get started with NFTs and Web3?

I’ve been investing in stocks for over 10 years and then I got into cryptocurrency about 3 years ago. I was also heavily involved in the AMC and Game Stop run up which I think opened a lot of people’s eyes to what’s been going on in not only investing but every industry. I had received an email from OpenSea to create an account around that time and a friend of mine told me NFTs were similar to trading baseball cards which I enjoyed as a kid. The transition from crypto to NFTs seemed natural so I started researching the technology and fell in love with what Web3 and decentralization were all about, taking the power away from the few and giving it back to the many, more freedom, and more ownership. 

Why is your podcast called NFT and Chill? 

To be honest, I’ve always been very laid back and my approach to investing and web3 is very patient, so the name made sense. I’m told my voice is calm and soothing, I wanted the show to be a genuine conversation about information that’s easily digestible.

Who would be your ideal guest to have on the podcast and why?

I’m very big on community and supporting each other, I think it’s a lot more important than clout. Celebrities and status don’t mean much to me, Web3 is about leveling the playing field. That being said, someone named me The Ethereum Crusader in a Twitter Space one time so Vitalik Buterin would be my choice. My hope with each guest is that the people listening get something out of it.

Where do you see the NFT market going over the next 5 years?

I think there will always be a place for collecting and art but there needs to be more done with proof and transfer of ownership, I think we haven’t even scratched the surface of those use cases. 

The potential for this technology is endless and the space needs innovation, not more duplication, app NFTs could be the next big revaluation. I recently did an episode on this very subject on NFT and Chill, mass adaptation and onboarding new users is a lot easier when they don’t know they’re in Web3. Also seeing major gaming companies like Sega starting to build their first blockchain game is exciting as well. I think gaming in this space has tremendous potential when it’s done right and these major companies have massive communities. 

Check out Ty Greenfield on Twitter.

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