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Meet the Technology Entrepreneur and CEO, Arnav Bathla

Mr. Arnav is the Founder & CEO of Coinbooks, has built Web3 accounting software designed for crypto-native organizations and his entrepreneurial spirit is building the financial infra for the crypto industry.

Since he was 13, Mr. Arnav Bathla has been building technology products that have created enterprise impact and have been used in a variety of workplaces across multiple companies. Before starting Coinbooks, Arnav Bathla pioneered the financial technology that fuels Coinbooks today. Fast forward to January, they now have multiple customers across the industry and the technology is now recognized as the industry standard. Mr. Arnav Bathla besides being visionary and innovative possesses agility, perseverance, and integrity. With his pragmatic approach, business acumen, and leadership skills to develop, designed, and strategize successfully on cutting-edge production processes and make this vision a reality.

In taking ‘Coinbooks’ from conception to its current rapidly growing & dynamic B2B success, Mr. Arnav has clearly demonstrated an extraordinary acumen that accords with all his extraordinary achievements including the seed raise of $3.2 million last year from world-class investors like Lattice Capital, Founders, Inc. Multicoin Capital, and Polygon’s very own founders. Mr. Arnav was also accepted into Silicon Valley’s Y-Combinator and participated in the summer 22 batch due to his past achievements around building products as a technology entrepreneur and CEO since he’s been starting companies when he was 13.

Conception of Mr. Arnav Bathla’s idea of Coinbooks began when he saw a problem that a growing no. of crypto-native companies had to handle the bookkeeping in a very manual & repetitive way. Additionally, no one wants to handle back-office work. To solve this problem Mr. Bathla using his technical knowledge developed software and Coinbooks came into existence. Now Coinbooks processes transactions n accounting in just a few clicks. Tagging and labeling a transaction is easy & quick.

Arnav has also established partnerships with bookkeeping and tax preparation companies like Fondo, Metacounts & Electrafrost. Mr. Arnav’s work is being recognized throughout the industry as the pioneering visionary of the technology software, that made Coinbooks viable, Mr. Arnav Bathla is in truth an utterly indispensable element of the entrepreneurial world on which the prestigious investors are relying. Major companies and corporations have begun to turn to Mr. Arnav as a leading authority in developing and designing successful cutting-edge products and processes.

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