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Meet the Tech Executive – Digitizing Enterprise Customers

LOS ANGELES, California – Enterprise-wide digital transformations are happening at a large scale globally which is a key to improving existing operations. Introducing innovations that are scalable across the globe with minimum or zero disruptions is much needed to enhance this journey. Meet Aiyappa Machanda, a Global Enablement Lead at Amazon Web Services, Inc.

Through his contributions to the brand, this Tech Engineer takes a dynamic approach with an incisive mindset, ready to ensure maximum efficiency during this digital transformation process.

Aiyappa Machanda helps fortune 500 companies digitally transform their complex ERP customer landscape’s by providing best practices to help them move from on-premise solutions to the Cloud for better agility, meaning a lower overall data cost and more effective innovative solutions. Also assisting customers to integrate resources and systems across their value chains to support cloud-to-cloud and cloud-to-ground integrations, expanding value with Cloud extensions as well as offering guided contextual experiences by providing pre-built industry content to process workflows and automation across business ecosystems.

Fortune 500 companies digitally transform their ERP applications to the cloud, thereby helping businesses to become intelligent enterprises to transact, analyze and predict in real-time in an increasingly unpredictable world. Aiyappa helps customers realize this by using intelligent methodologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Intelligent Robotic Process Automation, and Blockchain.

Who is Aiyappa Machanda?

Aiyappa comes from a small Coffee growing community called Kodagu located in the Southwestern part of India. Kodagu is called the ‘Scotland of India’ due to its beautiful lush green landscapes and is a highly popular tourist destination. Earning his Bachelor’s in Engineering from a University in Bangalore, Aiyappa started his IT journey when he was recruited by SAP Labs as a Software Engineer. Having worked in SAP labs India for 5 years on database analytics and integration technologies before being transferred internally to the SAP US subsidiary in 2014.

Aiyappa says, “In the US I actively worked with some of the top Fortune 500 companies enabling their digital transformation to the cloud and helped companies integrate and move their mission-critical applications to the cloud.” After 12 years of working for SAP in various big data, analytics, data warehouse, procurement, and Integration technologies, Aiyappa left to join Amazon Web services, Inc to further help realize the massive potential of moving ERP solutions to the AWS cloud.

One of the main factors that impact this migration is the downtime that can cause monetary loss to the enterprise. Aiyappa Machanda, Global Enablement Lead at Amazon Web Services spoke with us about his work within the company, considered revolutionary among industry circles. “I’m working to enable customers and partners on tremendous capabilities of our platform some of which is to migrate a complex ERP customer landscape to the Cloud within two hours with near zero downtime, which would not cause any impact on a company’s production and operations.” Aiyappa says, “My goal is to work backward and be customer obsessed and ensure I enable our partners to digitize our enterprise customers to the cloud to drive cost reduction and improve profitability through innovation. I want businesses to focus on running their business and not worry about how much operational capacity they require to run their workloads online. Also providing them with all the latest application features to run their end-to-end complex ERP businesses smoothly.”

The Importance of Digitizing These Processes

Digital transformation changes the way an organization operates. Systems, processes, workflow, and culture are all part of this process. In tackling some of the most complex Fortune 500 company’s digital transformation journey, Aiyappa Machanda has extensively worked to enable paperless shop floor operations, integrated and scalable analytics, and improvements in real-time process modeling and simulation, providing greater clarity in running your business to maximize profits. Aiyappa unveils each concept, considering the functionality of business, sales, and logistics. He proposed several IoT and big data solutions, accompanying this information with partner solutions, to give businesses the greatest level of predictability in their approach to maximize their profitability and efficiency.

The views expressed here are of Aiyappa Machanda and do not represent anyone else or his company.

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