Meet the CEO of metaverse game Fashion League, Theresia Le Battistini

Please tell us your name and a bit about yourself? 

I am Theresia Le Battistini, the founder & CEO of Fashion League, the first-of-its-kind female-centered fashion game on the blockchain. Increasing diversity in Web3 through equality of opportunity and empowering the community through co-creation and collective creativity are the passions that fuel my blockchain vision. 

The female-driven team behind Fashion League is composed of fashion and crypto enthusiasts united by their passion for simulation games. We are also supported by veterans of the gaming industry: our developers have been building successful games for over 12 years and worked with the world’s leading game brands.

Before becoming a Web3 evangelist, my background was in retail and finance, and these experiences have certainly been informative in how I run Fashion League today.

Can you tell us more about Fashion League?

Despite there being a high percentage of female gamers, the range of crypto games aimed at women is practically non-existent — and Fashion League is here to change this.

It will be the first female-centered blockchain mobile game to bring NFTs and Web3 to the masses by building an inclusive space with low entry barriers and easy-to-understand onboarding material. Fashion League has high mass-market potential, by being both free to play as well as fun to earn. 

How does it work? Fashion League is multifaceted, combining battle-proven games with unique and innovative features. Players can build and expand their own fashion shop, become virtual 3D fashion designers, as well as sell, trade, and transfer their assets across the metaverse. 

The game is also a platform for fashion brands to display their digitized products. Players will be able to use the brands’ assets to dress their shop owner or model or to sell the items in their store. They can also use the design creation tool and change the shape or the color of the product. Brands will get real-time analytics on preferences and can even improve the product-market fit. This will allow brands to collaborate with the community to create real-life products too.

How will Fashion League stand out from other metaverse competitors?

Our project will be the first female-focused blockchain mobile game that brings NFT and Web3 to the general public. It offers not only a completely unique RPG experience but new, exciting ways for fashion brands to display their digitized products. Fashion League is not purely a metaverse, but a game that integrates a brand’s assets directly into the gameplay.

What excites you the most about the metaverse in 2022?

The ever-growing power of community, which is leading to a redistribution of wealth. It makes complete sense to me that we should enable the community to also directly economically benefit from a project’s success and not just large corporations profiting. Our ecosystem will achieve exactly that: by rewarding players through time spent and the skills they acquire in the game. Sharing our successes directly with players is important to Fashion League.

Decentralization is one of the core principles of Web3 and the metaverse. How will the Fashion League ecosystem be run? 

The Fashion League ecosystem will be run primarily by its community through the DAO.

As a woman in Web3, what do you think are the best ways to get more females onboarding in the space?

By making entry into Web3 fun and entertaining, rather than a daunting experience made confusing through lots of complicated technical jargon. I strongly believe gaming is the most effective way of achieving this amongst the demographic — and the data reflects this interest: over 55% of mobile gamers are women. That is why we wanted to create an entertaining, diverse and inclusive mobile fashion metaverse with low entry barriers, achieved through our play and earn model.

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