Meet The Audio Eyewear That Adds an Extra Dimension to Your Gaming Experience

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Gamers have been on a constant lookout for a more immersive experience. Recently, Xbox gaming experiences have entered the mobile scene, welcoming Xbox Game Pass and Project xCloud. These rollouts have well and truly brought immersive gaming into the portable sphere – a much needed move in today’s world. However, one note has been left untouched – the question of audio. Of course, a well suited pair of earbuds is always an option but technology companies are taking things a step further to deliver an extra dimension to the gaming experience: audio eyewear. 

For many, the notion of audio eyewear might at first seem incomprehensible. After all, what has eye health to do with audio? Well, Fauna, the designer audio eyewear brand has created a pair of eyeglasses with built-in speakers and microphones – making them the ideal device for gamers and others on the go. What’s more, they look exactly like a normal pair of eyeglasses compatible to support prescription lenses. 

With over 4 billion eyeglasses wearers, this development has the capability to transform the lives of many. Gamer or not, this additional element to a standard pair of eyeglasses can help align your lifestyle with the digital age we live in. Those with visual impairments finally have the upper hand, since their call for audio eyewear is imperative, useful, and engaging. 

Audio eyewear and gaming 

As gaming consoles get smaller and more portable and as the gaming society grows, we can expect to see a whole host of features that elevate the gaming experience to be rolled out. Perhaps none quite as exciting as the audio eyewear. The Spiro Transparent Brown sunglasses and Memor Havana glasses sport blue light filter lenses. 

Whether you require prescription lenses or not, there’s now a case for all gamers to get their hands on a pair of these. Since gaming, more often than not, requires the player to fixate their eyes on a screen for any number of hours at a time, they’re exposed to blue light. 

Studies have found that the use of artificial light, or merely looking at an electronic screen can contribute to long term eye health conditions (UAB Medicine), as well as significantly lower quality sleep. Electronic screens emit a blue wavelength that tricks the brain into thinking that it is daytime. This in itself, might not be the number one concern for gamers – but when the gaming stops, many come away feeling disorientated. Moreover, blue light in the evening, in particular, disrupts the brain’s natural sleep-wake cycles, which are imperative for overall optimal health.

A closer look at the audio eyewear

Fauna effectively released the first audio glasses without chunky temples that could be mistaken for a regular pair of eyeglasses. These glasses offer a range of features before the audio component is even considered, such as protecting the wearer’s eyes from the sun or blue light waves as well as holding prescription lenses. All whilst allowing for a vivid ultra clear sound when listening to music, audiobooks, or gaming via mobile. The device is complete with integrated microphones for voice assistants and making phone calls. 

The integration of a tiny lightweight micro-speaker and microphone built into the frames offers hours of audible features without compromising comfort. In fact the glasses come weighing just 50g. This is impressive given each pair includes a patented MEMS micro speaker, an electrodynamic speaker, touchpad, associated electronics and battery. Two microphones are embedded into the right temple with beamforming and echo canceling capabilities.

Wearers will comfortably and clearly hear through the audio function with minimal disruption for others in the vicinity. At the same time, the wearer will be able to clearly hear what’s going on around them – the volume control is effective for dipping in and out of the wearer’s surroundings. 

The eyeglasses devices are already available in the UK and US and each of their glasses models are compatible with iPhone 5 or later, Android 6.0 or later, and Bluetooth 5.0 – all up to a range of 10 meters. 

It’s an exciting space for audio eyewear, and one filled with anticipation from gamers all over the world. 

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