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Meet the Arnis Parols, the COO of upcoming P2E game DoRac


Introduction to Arnis Parols, what have you done in the past similar to DoRac?


Hey! I’m Arnis, the COO of DoRac. Since I was young, I’ve dreamed of creating and running my own game, and with DoRac, it’s finally come to fruition. Seeing the project and community around it grow has been a one-of-a-kind experience. It’s been exhilarating for me, and I have to say a massive thanks to my brother, Gatis, for sharing his dream with me and inviting me on board. It’s my honour to do my absolute best and give my everything to make this dream a reality. Other than that, I’m a hard labour guy, and I know that hard work always pays off, no matter what. Everything I do, I do from the heart and soul, giving maximum effort towards everything I can. 


Could you give us a walkthrough of the team behind DoRac?
Gatis is my twin brother; I think it’s enough said right. The funny thing about our other core team members, Toms and our CMO Agnese, is that we were around 4-5 months into the project when I got to meet those two in person. To no surprise, they were awesome, stunning personalities, individuals with whom we share a dedication to DoRac. We are all committed to bringing this project to flourishment, to make DoRac the number one racing game, an MMORPG style metaverse on-chain. To make it a space where not only play2earn crypto people reside but also a regular gamer is a welcomed guest at any time and make it a creation where all of you can come and enjoy the adventure, thrill and, of course, make some extra bucks while at it.


What makes the DoRac team unique?
We are just being ourselves, hardworking Latvians with a set goal and a shared dream, a team with actual hardcore gamers who have years of experience playing all sorts of games, and that’s something you can’t teach in school or universities. I believe this will help a lot in our journey. This experience will help us generate more ideas and ways to expand and morph DoRac into something truly remarkable.


What partnerships have you already managed to set up?

That’s a question to our CFO, not my cup of tea. I can say that we recently got backing from a few big-name gaming guilds such as AxB, TCG, BreedFi and others, not to mention much more to come. I would like to use this opportunity to say huge thanks to our angel investors, as without them, we wouldn’t be here and our OG early community members who keep on adding value to our project. Every single one of you means a lot; thank you for believing in us. On top of this, we will keep pushing and searching for new partnerships and collaborations to expand our reach and make sure that everyone who wants to know will know about us; we’re just getting started. #WAGMI

What is the 3-year plan for DoRac?
To expand our reach beyond and over the borders of crypto space into conventional gaming space and get those players over to this side of the fence. Also, we want to expand the game as much as possible and polish up the greyhound racing aspect of the DoRac project. For content, we will introduce many more expansions and extensions that tap into different levels of imagination and expand the DoRac metaverse with tons of more features.


We want to make DoRac a place for our community, our people, fans, and anyone who’s willing to be a part of our evolving ecosystem. Becoming a part that moves the whole metaverse, be the reason why DoRacVerse is like it is and be a cause why it’s an exciting, adrenaline-pumping, income-generating, nerve-wracking, friend making, competitive experience, a place where you can be you, a place where you can feel like home.


Where can we learn more about DoRac?

You can learn more about DoRac by following us on social media, where we will share all the latest regarding our launch, gameplay and much more.




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