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Meet Soba: The Company That’s Simplifying Game Creation For All

Meet Soba

People have been playing video games for ages. They’ve seen it all at this point – from MMOs to FPS. But what the vast majority of gamers have yet to do is make their own game.

Enter Soba, an innovative online multiplayer gaming platform that transcends the limits of creativity and inclusivity. Equipped with groundbreaking, no-code tools for game creation, Soba empowers everyone to morph into both a gamer and a creator right from their mobile devices.

It’s the brainchild of co-founders Juha Paananen and Florian Odronitz. Their idea comprised a reality where everyone can create their own 3D mobile game from scratch.

Soba is nurturing a community a community of creators. It’s a platform that inspires users to challenge the status quo, innovate, and most importantly, abide by their own rules.

The Inception

Soba was established in 2022 by two experienced, repeat founders, Juha Panaanen and Florian Odronitz, who shared an inspiring dream of making the gaming world accessible to all. Fueled by their shared passion for innovation and gaming, they successfully attracted $13.6 million in seed funding.

This financial backing, received from Lightspeed Venture Partners, Cherry Ventures, Point Nine Capital, and TQ Ventures, propelled the development of the Soba platform.

Today, Soba is available on iOS and Android platforms, capable of reaching millions of users globally with the joy of gaming and game creation.

The Vision

Soba operates on a belief system where playing and creating games is seen as a potent medium for self-expression, fostering connections and mental expansion.

The company’s mission is to democratize gaming, making it accessible to all, regardless of background or technical expertise.

“When I first got into coding, all I wanted to do was make games. It was tough, and honestly, I wasn’t great at it. But seeing my first game – a 3D Tetris with super tricky controls – come to life was such a proud moment. Fast forward, and games aren’t just a hobby anymore; I started my own mobile game studio and invested in other gaming projects. It’s wild to think over 3 billion people are gaming, but only a few of us get to actually build these games. It’s super important for us that more people get the chance to create games and that’s why we created Soba.” – Juha Paananen, CEO of Soba Studios

Soba is dedicated to empowering individuals to unleash and share their creativity with the world, creating a positive impact, and advocating for diversity in the gaming industry.

No Coding Skills Needed

Lack of coding knowledge? That’s not a problem.

Soba doesn’t require its users to have coding skills to make games. The times when becoming an expert coder was a prerequisite for game creation are over. With Soba, all that’s needed is a phone and a vision.

Soba’s no-code game-creation tools simplify the process, allowing anyone to manifest their ideas without the need to learn coding.

The platform dismisses traditional rules and genres, enabling users to craft games they’ve always dreamed of playing.

A Safe and Positive Space

Soba prioritizes establishing a secure and positive environment for its community. It eliminates the toxic gamer culture often associated with traditional gaming platforms and promotes the expression of individuality without fear of judgment or discrimination.

Life becomes more enjoyable when one can play by their own rules, and Soba aims to provide a congenial environment for its users to do just that.

The team thinks everyone has the potential to be both a gamer and a creator. And they’re setting out to prove it.

The platform prioritizes an enjoyable gaming experience while encouraging its users to explore their creativity, ultimately realizing their full potential. With no barriers or limitations, Soba is the perfect space for gamers and creators to connect and inspire each other.

Soba even provides a variety of resources to help beginners make their own games, with or without Soba.

Defying Convention with Soba

The status quo doesn’t resonate with Soba. This platform embraces the disruption of norms and the stretching of boundaries.

Through its no-code game-making tools and its dedication to inclusivity, Soba wants to reshape the traditional gaming industry, paving the path toward a more diverse and innovative future.

The old rules don’t apply here. They would rather users forge their own. And they believe the possibilities are endless with their product.

A Platform for Experimentation and Growth

Soba believes that experimentation forms a vital part of the creative process. They want to motivate individuals to venture into unexplored territories through crafting games or experimenting with new games developed by others.

They want the community to feel free to take risks, learn from their mistakes, and grow as gamers and creators.

More than a gaming platform, Soba stands as a creative stage, a welcoming community, and a center of groundbreaking ideas, setting new standards in the gaming industry.

The no-code game-making tools offered by Soba enable everyone to bring their creative concepts to life as playable games, irrespective of their technical prowess in coding.

Soba is on a mission to transform the gaming landscape, impacting one game and one gamer at a time.

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