Meet Rahul Saggu, The Man Who Is Consistently Delivering Excellence


Amid a global pandemic, Rahul Saggu has continued to deliver excellent advice that has helped many people purchase their dream homes, even amid a worldwide economic meltdown. Rahul has consistently delivered sound advice to his clients to be able to purchase homes that fit their needs, values, goals, and lifestyle.

Covid-19 hit the world so hard that many institutions in the world had to shut down. A sudden halt in business activities had its ripple effects within the real estate market. And people’s finances plummeted so much that projections from experts predicted that there might be another great depression if care was not taken. 

In the midst of all of the financial downturn, Rahul Saggu has continued to build trust with his clients, delivering them customized financing solutions. 

Rahul Saggu is the COO of ModernDay Cannabis and a mortgage specialist. He has been in the mortgage industry for 3 years, advising people on how to acquire their dream homes. VINE Group has earned the title of Mortgage Alliance’s #1 team in Canada for 2017, 2018 and 2019. They are a  team of former bankers and creative financing experts. 

Rahul says that one of the qualities that endear his clients to him is how much value and care he delivers every time he is given the opportunity.  

With mortgages and the real estate market, one must constantly look out always for new rules and trends. The real estate market is forever changing; therefore, a piece of advice that worked today might not necessarily fit a few months later. It is imperative always to have your head in the game, following trends and correctly advising clients. 

Rahul says that his success with his clients, apart from listening to their needs intently and understating their goals, is based on his ability to provide them with reliable information and advice when they need him. 

VINE Group has an amazing team of agents and in-house underwriters that go above and beyond. Before submitting to lenders, the deal goes to the underwriting hub, which has a  combined 50+ years of experience. At that point they weigh out different options to present to their clients.  They are also experts when it comes to commercial financing.

Rahul says that there are times when his clients aren’t able to qualify for a home. Instead of turning them away he puts together a game plan for them to be able to purchase in the future. He says having a human touch in business nowadays is extremely important and effectively builds trust.

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