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Meet OPT Health- The Breakthrough New Telehealth Platform From Dr. John Tidwell and Camilo Isaza

Human ingenuity and the scientific advances associated with it has been a major influence on how business is conducted. In the past several years, there has been a growing phenomenon for self-improvement and self-optimization. People have gained access to technologies that have let them optimize everything from their sleep patterns, to their exercise routine, as well as their diet. All of this is done in order for a person achieve their personal pinnacle, and go above and beyond in every aspect of their life.

Maintaining health is the bedrock for sustaining a long and happy life, however, companies that service men’s healthcare have been lacking in providing tangible ways for men to access personal healthcare. OPT Health is a groundbreaking telehealth platform that seeks to create benefits for patients and doctors by introducing a new method to men’s health. OPT health provides access to preventative medicine to the average male, something that has been previously reserved for the likes of high society.

OPT Health is the product of co-founders Dr. John Tidwell and Camilo Isaza, armed with a team of dedicated doctors and engineers, the two have embarked on a journey to make men’s healthcare available to men from all walks of life. They have taken it upon themselves to apply preventative medicine to the well-being of men everywhere- focusing on their health, strength, sexual vitality, and wellness. They want men to regain their power, and give them freedom to be their best selves.

The main objective is to debunk the stigmas often associated with the medical field, taking a direct approach which prioritizes preventative steps- mainly longevity and performance. OPT Health has firsthand knowledge of how men are living below their potential, and they seek to change all that with their unique methods.

The OPT Health platform gives men access to effective treatments that are backed by sciencescientific case studies, as well as access to best-in-class physicians and specialists to optimize their health. Their online dashboard helps ascertain important health metrics- all from the privacy and comfort of wherever they are located. OPT Health has a strong desire to help men be proactive about their health and wellness via personalized medical care, treatment, and education. OPT Health provides convenient telehealth consultations with physicians, giving men access to prominent specialists who may be based hundreds or thousands of miles away. This has the effect where some of the most intelligent and impactful physicians in men’s healthcare have access to a substantial number of patients, as well as men having access to the best specialists, without having to travel anywhere.

OPT Health’s powerful app and dashboard provide an all-in-one location to access lab results, messages with providing physicians, as well as a proprietary OPT Health performance score that tracks health progress. For a fixed low monthly membership fee, men can have access to physician consultations, prescriptions and supplements, health coaching, blood work, as well as a team of dedicated professionals to guide them in their path to reaching their ultimate health goals. OPT Health is a viable and cost-effective alternative to exorbitant medical bills, insurance co-pays, and quick consultations with physicians who could care less about your health. OPT Health is reshaping the landscape of traditional healthcare, and helping men redefine themselves into becoming the best version of themselves.

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