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Meet Nolan Johnson: Amazon And Walmart Automation Magnate

If you look up Nolan Johnson on Instagram, you’ll immediately notice several exotic cars in his photos. Check out his bio, and you’ll understand why he’s got the cars: “Nolan Johnson – Serial Entrepreneur – $48 million in sales.” But who is Nolan, really? How did he find his success? We dug in with Nolan to get the details on his business, his background, and what makes him a successful serial entrepreneur.

Where It All Started

While Nolan’s friends and classmates in Calumet, Michigan were headed off to college, Nolan took a different path. He taught himself sales and marketing. Then, he invested his money into creating his first business. He started in 2017 as a sole proprietor, doing marketing. A year and a half later, he knew he was ready to take it to the next level. He started an LLC and has been scaling ever since.

In 2019, Nolan recognized he had a problem. He was trying to be hands on with every aspect of his business, but the it was outgrowing his ability to do so. It was a tough transition, but he slowly began trusting others with time consuming tasks, freeing him up to work on the important things. With this major step, he’s been able to take his business to levels he never imagined. His company, NXJ Marketing is now one of the top companies in automation on and Amazon.

Where It’s Heading

With several high profile clients, NXJ is thriving. Nolan recognizes several key aspects of the business that have lead him to success. First and foremost: transparency. In automation, he recognizes that a lot of his competitors are all smoke and mirrors and fine print. NXJ boasts the ability to get their clients’ stores approved and running quickly – scaling fast with no issues. With NXJ’s assistance, their clients see healthy profit margins and high level customer service.

While Nolan plans to continue to offer the same high level of service with his company, he has plans for himself as well. In 2019, he was recognized on stage for hitting one of the highest ranks in a direct sales company, using only digital marketing to generate leads and turn them into sales. Nolan is on pace to consistently hit six figure days, and he sees no end of growth in sight. He recognizes the importance of building wealth and assets, so he’s also beginning to invest in real estate.

Words to the Wise

A turning point for Nolan was changing his mindset from employee to entrepreneur. In fact, he says this is the biggest factor that led him to where he is today. He cites Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki for creating this change. In thinking like an entrepreneur, Nolan is a big fan of the saying, “Work smarter, not harder.” Entrepreneurs look for ways to simplify their work for the same results – this is exactly what Nolan had to do in 2019 when he was trying to be hands on with every aspect of the business. Once he began to work smarter and accept the help of others, his business grew.

In the same vein, Nolan has learned how to observe the crowd – and then do the opposite of what they’re doing. Though it’s often the most comfortable thing to do, Nolan recognizes that if he followed what most people do, he’d be living paycheck to paycheck. Why take advice from people who follow the status quo? Instead, Nolan has looked up to people who have what he wants. He observes what they were doing and listens to what they say, and it has made all the difference.

See what Nolan is up to next by checking him out on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube.

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