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Meet Netflix’s ‘Over the Moon’ Model Rosie Minako, a Helicopter Pilot-to-be

Did Fei Fei actually reach the moon in Netflix’s ‘Over the Moon’? Netflix’s ‘Over the Moon’ is an Oriental fairy tale about a girl, Fei Fei, who goes to the lunar surface and finds the moon goddess, Chang’e. 

Model Rosie Minako, who posed as real life ‘Fei Fei’, was an installation model in London’s UK’s Chinatown during the one-week promotion of Netflix film ‘Over The Moon’. In reality, Rosie certainly did not fly over to the moon. However, she is a helicopter pilot student who has the ambition to become a private helicopter pilot in the near future.

‘I always wanted to be a pilot. I have so much admiration for pilots. When I was 19, I applied to become a trainee pilot in Cathay Pacific airline. Surprisingly, with no prior flying experience, I was invited to an interview. Unfortunately, I moved to Norway that time and was not able to attend due to other responsibilities. Life has a way of pushing me to a very different direction from my dreams. I would never thought I would end up being a model and an entrepreneur,’ Rosie says during our interview. 

Rosie, who is one-forth through her pilot training explains getting an opportunity to become a pilot back home was highly competitive. ‘I am so thankful that we have many ways to learn how to fly in the UK. I wouldn’t have the same opportunity in Asia where I am from. Back home, I would need to pass a series of exams and get accepted by an airline to learn to fly officially as an officer-to-be. Luckily in the UK, anyone can join a pilot school. As long as you have the financial resources and time to invest in your flying lessons, as well as being physically fit to fly, you will get a private pilot licence.’

Rosie enjoys the thrilling pleasure of helicopter flights. ‘I have flown other aircraft models when I first started. I love aviation but none of the models I flew actually made me want to continue. I felt bored after a few lessons and did not attend the remaining flying lessons. However, helicopters are just so different! I get super excited every time I hop on one. First, the view above is truly amazing! You get to see so much! Second, I feel more in control when I am in the small Robinson over big planes. Finally, unlike other models which need a runway, I love that I can simply take off and land whenever I want.’

When asked whether Rosie will consider switching her career to a commercial pilot, she explains she simply enjoys flying as a hobby. Although she does not plan to take her hobby further, she does hope to become a private helicopter pilot within Europe. ‘I would love to invest in a small Robinson once I get my licence and fly my friends and family for dinner in countries nearby. I have made this promise to my Father and I hope to make it happen.’

‘I am still very new to the field and have a long way to go. I have realised there aren’t a lot of female helicopter pilots around. I hope I will be able to encourage more girls and women to take up these male-dominant roles in the society. It is really encouraging to see success stories of female pilots in the field. Believe me, helicopters are really fun! I promise once you get into one, you will never want to jump off. It is more than a hobby, it is an addiction!’

Rosie ended the interview reminding everyone that no dream is ever beyond our reach. If you are reading this and doubting yourself, start believing in yourself.


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