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Meet Kevin Noulowe a rebounding ,shot blocking and dunking machine

If there’s one character trait coaches want to see in every athlete, it’s a tireless work ethic. Hard-working individuals are coveted regardless of age, gender or level of play. Being “hard working” involves more than just what goes on the field. You leave it all on the line in every practice and game? Great. But it’s also about how you carry yourself any time you represent your school, club or country outside of a practice/game situation. The name which is ahead of time and always stand up strong on his mark is that of Kevin Noulowe. He believes that when things get tough, remind yourself of this analogy of working hard and never giving up. Accomplishing his goals is a journey, no different than driving his car from coast to coast. Just as gas fuels a car; hard work fuels performance. That’s the Mantra Kevin always follows. He believes that if you want to accomplish your long term goals, you need to maintain your intensity, drive, and positive attitude over the long haul. He never shows any type of weakness, fatigue, he gives it all and believes in going hard everytime he gets a chance to step on the basketball court. With his hard work and perseverance over time, he gives himself the best chance to reach that desired destination which is winning.

Kevin’s concentration and the ability to focus under adversity is what championship athletes which is Kevin does best. He is a player the Armenian basketball fans will never forget, in only one season in the Armenian A league he left a mark and made sure that Armenian basketball fans will always remember his name. He led the Armenian A league in blocks averaging 3 blocks a game, led the Armenian A league averaging 4 dunks a game and finished the season as a top 5 rebounder in the league. Kevin, is a complete system who teaches you how to focus like a champion and harness the power of a zone focus every time you step on the playing field. He is a rebounding, shot blocking and dunking machine. An all rounder who makes his team proud everytime he steps in the court. Due to his 6’10’’ 260 pound frame he is very hard to box out. He is ridiculously strong and over powers all his opponents. Kevin has an extraordinary talent and hence he is at the top of the Armenian A League, with his utmost hard work and dedication. He is a beast, a nightmare, an all round great athlete and good basketball player. An unforgettable athlete who everyone looks upto.

Kevin believes that success doesn’t happen by accident. It comes through hard work and dedication. He is the great one who is willing to go the extra mile and put in the work, especially when people aren’t looking. He is very hard working kid with a high motor. The one who is always energised, positive, active and well aggressive on field always aiming to win. He uses his explosive jumping ability to dunk over everyone who tries to meet him at the rim and uses his long arms to block shots. He is an athlete who is never satisfied, and never get complacent. Post reaching a certain level of greatness, he still keeps going and aims for reaching higher, giving a inspiration for the ones who always want to make their career in this field, work hard, progress, play for their team and win. He is as passionate as anyone can be but has always worked harder and aimed higher to accomplish his goals.

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