Meet Jerome Gillan, an inspiration to the younger generation

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How many young people are in the world today? Billions. How many of them are successful? Maybe millions. How many of these successful young people are an inspiration to the younger generation? 

Yes, Jerome Gillan is one of the few successful young people that have served as a source of inspiration to the younger generation over the past years. Some people prefer to be known as successful people, but very few are known as a reason for the success of other people.

Jerome’s story in itself is a success story and has inspired young people all over the world. Starting out in Columbus, Ohio, Jerome began his journey to success. 

From humble beginnings, he strived to make money, working daily jobs from 9 – 5. These jobs were providing little to sustain his family, and it was not in line with his dream and passion. So, what did Jerome do? He left it all to pursue his dream. His love for video games and streaming was immeasurable, and it did not take long for the world to find out why.

Being an inspiration to others today, he had his own source of inspiration. It was his mother. He believes that she made him who he is today. Also, some of his successes can be attributed to Doctor Disrespect, whose high quality works inspired Jerome in the world of streaming and kept him happy while he was facing challenges becoming a successful streamer.

There has to be some sort of drive for every successful video game player. He always strives to be outstanding, and he does so by bringing a high level of positivity to his streams every day. Spending seven hours daily on streaming is enough time for Jerome to achieve this feat. To him, the competition in the gaming and streaming industry tends to bring out the worst in people, but to him, it makes him better at winning. This positive mentality about winning is rubbing off on his audience, and it is no wonder he has such a large audience and fan base.  

There is a long list of achievements to back his success. He is only the third person in the world to achieve a No Damage run in Sekiro since its launch. In his first game, Dark Souls 3, he achieved a no-hits challenge run and earned the name “NOHIT JEROME”. He has successfully organized six gaming events in total, even giving out prizes to the winners. He has attracted the attention of widely recognized streamers all over the world. He has a large audience and fan base that he built from nothing and keeps engaged all of the time. He has seen the light in these dark times, making the best out of it in terms of more hours of streaming and more quality content. He has his eyes set on creating and sharing new and fun content to his audience and doing what he loves best, playing games and to make money.

With all these he has done by the age of twenty-six, it is hard not to see why he should not be an inspiration. The most interesting thing about it all is he is just getting started.

To follow Jerome Gillan‘s journey and get first-hand info, click his covers on YouTube, Twitch  Twitter and Website today!

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