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Meet Jereme Pham- A Rising Artist In The Music Industry 

The music industry has drastically changed over the last few decades. It has become a tougher and more competitive business that is always searching for distinct and unique talents. Thus, musicians have a tough job as they always have to stay on top of their creativity level and simultaneously manage other tasks and businesses.

However, hardship is not something new to rapper Jereme Pham. More commonly known as ForeignBoy Pham, the talented musician grew up in a tough environment. 

Born on 25th November 1992, the twenty-nine-year-old musician grew up on the streets of Memphis. Even as a child, Jereme Pham was full of dreams and ambitions. He is a mixed black and Asian who managed to survive in tough and even hostile environments. Jereme’s family was not in a good condition back then which is why he, along with his six other family members, had to stay in a small one-bedroom apartment while they were in midtown off Jefferson street.

Circumstances took a worse turn when they had to move to North Memphis Mitchell Heights where Jereme witnessed the difficulties of street life. The hardships further deteriorated when he became involved in gang activity after moving to the Oakhaven area. During this time, he started rapping as a fun side hobby.

However, little did he know that it would change his life for the better. His hidden potential in music making was soon discovered and after a while, he realized that he could make something out of it. Thus, he decided to become a professional musician and help his family leave the street life behind. Jereme’s interest in hip-hop music further increased over the years as he started indulging in learning more about music. This also helped to sharpen his skills and soon he was able to enter the music business with ease. 

Jereme released his first track on the Soundcloud platform on June 10, 2016. It was a huge achievement for him. However, he garnered the much-deserved fame after releasing ‘Scuba’ in 2019. It was an instant hit and countless people turned into devoted fans on that day. This was witnessed by major record labels and Jereme finally teamed up with GVO (Good Vibes Only) record label in order to further establish himself in the music industry. Jereme Pham has come a long way since his initiation and he plans to garner more fans through his music. 

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