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Meet “Genie”: the newest Gen AI-recruit to join the Customer Service industry

Ever felt like smashing your phone during a call with customer service? You’re not alone. The world has been grappling with robotic responses and frustratingly inept help desks for too long. A RetailBrew report from 2023 revealed that a staggering 48% expressed anger while communicating with customer service while 38% hung up on customer service and another 33% raised their voice or worse swore on a customer service call. Can AI solve this problem? 

Well, whether you like it or not, AI is taking over the industry. 6 out of 10 companies in retail now use AI in their customer service pipeline and 50% of companies are also adopting Generative AI into their toolkit. A McKinsey Global Institute report from 2017 estimated that automation through AI could displace hundreds of millions of workers by 2030, and it already has so much. In the midst of the AI/Gen AI cloud, Enter “Genie”: a groundbreaking AI-driven assistant that promises to transform this dreaded experience.

Let’s face it: customer service can feel like a medieval torture device. But it’s not just annoying to the customer; it’s a business problem too. Companies bleed money training staff only for them to leave, or worse, stay and remain clueless. According to the SHRM, the average cost-per-hire for a customer service rep is $4,129, and it takes 42 days to fill a given position. Now, think of the cost to hire and train over 1000’s of customer service reps, that’ll cost a lot!

In the thick of this chaos, Valliappan Narayanan, the mind behind “Genie”, saw not just a challenge but an opportunity. His solution isn’t just another chatbot. It’s a smart, swift AI that uses Generative AI to cut through the noise and deliver help that actually… helps. Valliappan didn’t want to replace humans; he wanted to empower them. “Genie helps bridge the gap between human limitation and customer expectation,” says Valliappan, bringing a personal touch back to digital helpdesks.

Imagine a system that not only understands your complaint about a faulty phone connection but also guides you through fixing it, step by easy step. “Genie” does just that, and more. Unlike older bots that could only regurgitate pre-fed lines, Genie listens, adapts, and responds with solutions tailored to real-time customer queries. It’s like having a super-smart friend on call, minus the need to bring them coffee.

Consider a frustrated customer calling about a billing error. Instead of the usual back-and-forth, Genie comprehends the problem, accesses the necessary records, and rectifies the error, all within minutes. The customer hangs up relieved, not enraged. This isn’t a pipe dream. It’s the reality Genie is ushering in for millions worldwide, turning customer support into a sleek, satisfying process.

“Genie is not just redefining customer service protocols; it’s setting the bar sky-high for what AI can achieve in everyday human interactions. My vision of a world where technology genuinely assists rather than alienates is rapidly materializing, proving that the future of customer service is here, and it’s friendly, fast, and most importantly, effective.” shares Valliappan about the tool he developed. 

As we step into this new era of customer service, one thing’s clear: the days of dreaded calls are numbered. With AI leaders like Valliappan steering the course, the next time you dial in for help, you might just end up having a pleasant conversation. Welcome to the future — it’s looking surprisingly human.

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