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Meet Gatis Parols, the CEO of DoRac, the Upcoming P2E Game That is Making Headlines

Hi, my name is Gatis, and I’m the CEO of DoRac.

In short about me – First of all, I’m a passionate gamer; been like this for the past 16 years or so. I’ve played my fair share of games, have been part of some early game development and participated in ample beta tests. Also, I’ve been in many game communities and seen them rise from the ground up. This has given me great experience and knowledge of what players want from a particular game genre, what they search for and what keeps them coming back for more.

Also, I have been in crypto for the past eight years, taking part in the big mining boom back in 2017, experiencing the first major crypto bull run and all the euphoria it brought. Well, we all know that didn’t last right. During this time in the crypto space, I learned a lot from the different projects I was involved in. Two years ago, I would call myself a DeFi degen, participating in many yield farming programs. This was the time when NFTs started to shine, and right after that, the P2E gaming scene opened up.

As a gamer owning my own game was a dream come true. At that time, it just made sense to start building my own. The NFT and Play 2 Earn aspect really opened my eyes to a whole new world; it just made sense to start thinking and searching for the perfect team. 

Could you give us a walkthrough of DoRac and what it will offer users?

At its core, DoRac is a greyhound racing game. Some would compare us to ZedRun, DeRac, Pegaxy and other two click platforms that are out there. In my opinion, these platforms are far from games as there is no game aspect; it’s more gambling than gaming.
We are here to change that and change how people see the GameFI aspect.
We plan to bring back gaming to GameFi.

DoRac will offer more than just a few ways on how a player can earn. We will have breeding similar to other platforms, usable items, scholarship programs and training, of course.
More details are in our whitepaper, which is complex enough from the beginning, and it will only get more complex as the game progresses. Don’t be scared; this is going to be fun.

What makes DoRac stand out from the rest P2E games?

One of the key things that separate us from the crowd is our training mechanic, which allows players to upgrade their NFTs, so their dogs perform better in races and competitions. Find out more details in our whitepaper about how that works.

Also, DoRac will offer players a chance to curate their own race strategies, which will impact how their dogs perform during each race. Each player has their own strategy in mind and will use the system as they see fit. This will give an advantage to people who genuinely pay attention to how their dog performs. Real players will perform better than bots that might use accounts to race their dogs with this system, doubling as extra bot protection.

This system will improve gradually to reward those who use it.

Also, we have implemented lifecycle mechanics for our dog NFTs. Overpopulation is a huge problem for P2E games that have breeding, and by implementing a life cycle, we will battle this. We plan to introduce future burning mechanics for our NFTs as well. 

Where will the DoRac community be in 3 years from now?

Good question; whoever has a crystal ball that can predict the future, please contact me! Well, I think in 3 years’ time, our community will have a solid game at their hands, and early adopters will witness a remarkable evolution of our greyhound racing game.

Where can we learn more about DoRac?

You can learn more about DoRac by following us on social media, where we will share all the latest regarding our launch, gameplay and much more.


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