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Meet Amine Chater, making his mark in the nightlife and hospitality sector in the US.

Amine Chater

The more we hear stories about youngsters making it huge in their respective industries, the more we feel the need to learn about them. This is because most of them have gone beyond boundaries in creating waves in their chosen industries and have fearlessly moved ahead in creating their unique niche in all that they have chosen to lay their hands on. Doing exactly that in the vast and ever-evolving nightlife and hospitality sector is a young talent named Amine Chater, who believed in his visions of creating a flourishing career, and so he did in the industry of his choice. He hailed from Morocco, and at the age of 22, leaving behind his family, he moved to NYC to pursue studies. However, he dropped out in his last semester of the one-year Master degree in Business Management, which led him to choose a different path in the world of nightlife and hospitality.

Who is Amine Chater, you ask? Well, this passionate man today is a sought-after name in the nightlife sector in the US and has become a nightlife specialist for the impeccable services and experiences he has been providing to people. Talking about how it all started, Amine Charter said that he loved going out on weekends for fun and socializing and, with time, acquired great friends who liked his social skills and helped him get on board and into the promotion scene at some of the most high-end nightclubs/restaurants in Manhattan. Though he confesses he was never a ‘club’ guy, he still got into the industry and, since then, has never looked back.

Today, after a decade in the industry, Amine Chater has built a solid reputation for his name, recently expanded his business to Miami and now aims to go for Vegas and Los Angeles in the near future. He has built a complete concierge business nationwide that ranges from Villas, Yachts, Exotic cars, clubs and party dinners and also offers a full experience to any group across the board.

On asking what has made him choose this industry, Amine Chater says that he loves to be in social setups, enjoys meeting people and connecting with them, as well as learn about new cultures. His business stands apart from the rest in the industry because of the diversity of the network he has created, where he has gathered people from across the world and brought valuable assets to the table.

According to Amine Chater, his biggest success was his move to Miami. This proved to himself and everyone that hard work, consistency, the right support and a strong self-belief can help people build careers even in a brand-new city.

To know more about this nightlife specialist, follow him on Instagram .

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