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Meet AI: The Brainchild of Darrell Mbow, Transforming the Recruitment Landscape

Darrell Mbow

In this exclusive interview with Darrell Mbow, a tech visionary and entrepreneur, we dive into the remarkable journey that led him to the forefront of the tech and HR industries. Darrell’s trailblazing career started at Easy Center Corp, where he honed his expertise in software development, particularly focusing on the framework for SCCM by Microsoft, optimizing its performance for clients.

In 2018, he founded Molitor International, a groundbreaking recruitment firm that embraced AI long before it became a trend. Forbes Magazine took notice and recognized Molitor International as one of the top 100 companies exemplifying French excellence.

Now, Darrell is at the helm of Meet AI, a cutting-edge SaaS solution poised to revolutionize the recruitment landscape. With a waitlist of over 1500 eager companies, Meet AI promises to transform the way businesses hire talent, leveraging AI’s full potential.

TechBullion: Hello Darrell, thank you for agreeing to this interview. Congratulations on your recent selection as a member of the prestigious Forbes Council! How do you feel about it?

Darrell MBOW: Hello and thank you very much! It’s an incredible honor to have been chosen to be part of the Forbes Council. It’s a significant recognition of my efforts as an entrepreneur and it motivates me to continue pushing boundaries and making positive changes in the business world.

Forbes Council 2023

Forbes Council 2023

TechBullion: Your journey in the tech and AI-driven recruitment space is truly remarkable. Can you share with us how you ventured into this industry?

Darrell MBOW: Thank you for having me! My journey began with a background in software development, and I had the opportunity to work as a commercial and then a sales manager at Easy Center Corp, an esteemed software company specializing in frameworks for Microsoft’s System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM). SCCM is a powerful management tool used by organizations to deploy, manage, and monitor applications and devices in an enterprise environment. It was during this time that I gained valuable insights into the world of software development and learned about the challenges faced by businesses when it comes to finding the right talent. This experience ignited my passion for the recruitment industry.

TechBullion: Fascinating! So, how did you utilize this insight to establish Molitor International?

Darrell MBOW: After my time at Easy Center Corp, I was recruited as the Sales Director at Vitae Conseil, an international recruitment firm. During my tenure there, I deepened my understanding of the recruitment landscape and the critical role that technology can play in optimizing the hiring process. Recognizing the potential of integrating AI into recruitment, I founded Molitor International Conseil in 2018, aiming to revolutionize the industry by providing AI-driven candidate searches and innovative recruitment solutions.

TechBullion: Impressive achievement! Tell us more about your latest venture, Meet AI.

Darrell MBOW: Absolutely! Meet AI is the natural evolution of our journey. It is a cutting-edge SaaS solution that will revolutionize the market. With Meet AI, we take AI-driven recruitment to the next level. The platform leverages AI algorithms to conduct intelligent candidate interviews and streamline the hiring process. I’m excited to collaborate with my partners, ISHAQ Cisse and Mat Fuller, who bring a wealth of expertise to the team.

TechBullion: That sounds exciting! Can you tell us more about ISHAQ Cisse and Mat Fuller?

Darrell MBOW: Certainly! ISHAQ Cisse, my best friend and a co-founder of Molitor International, served as the former marketing director of Uber Portugal. He brings valuable marketing insights and expertise to Meet AI. Mat Fuller, Founder and CEO of Dark Matter Fx, adds immense value with his experience in visual creativity and AI technology applications.

TechBullion: It’s great to have such a dynamic team! Can you share any highlights from the recent $5 million funding round for Meet AI?

Darrell MBOW: Our recent funding round was a significant milestone, and it has allowed us to accelerate the development of Meet AI and expand our market reach. The enthusiasm from investors further validates the transformative potential of AI in recruitment. We are proud to have a waiting list of over 1500 companies eagerly anticipating the launch of Meet AI.

Meet AI

TechBullion: That’s impressive! Before we conclude, any message for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to make a mark in the tech industry?

Darrell MBOW: To aspiring entrepreneurs, I would say, follow your passion, stay curious, and be bold in pursuing innovative solutions. Embrace technology as a tool to drive change, and always focus on providing value to your customers. Success lies in pushing the boundaries and challenging the norms.

TechBullion: Wise words! Thank you, Darrell, for sharing your inspiring journey with us. We wish you all the best in shaping the future of AI-driven recruitment with Meet AI.

Darrell MBOW: Thank you! It was a pleasure to be here. I am incredibly excited about the future of AI in recruitment and the impact Meet AI will have on the industry. Thank you, TechBullion!

TechBullion: Thank you, Darrell. Your vision and dedication are truly inspirational, and we eagerly await the transformative impact of Meet AI in the recruitment space.

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