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Meeb Master – Simple but Attractive: Insight from the Team

The NFT sector exploded earlier this year, and ever since, its development has been advancing at a rapid speed. NFT-based gaming, using mostly the Play To Earn model, became particularly popular, giving birth to countless projects focusing on providing gamers enthusiastic about the NFT sector a variety of new opportunities.

Meeb Master is one of the rising stars in this sector, with its game allowing users to join the Meeb world, build powerful teams, and battle other players. The game is pretty simple in concept — users can collect and train Meebs for battles, and then use them to win those battles and claim rewards.

Doing so allows them to earn MeeCoins, which can be exchanged for Meeb tokens. Each team consists of three Meebs, which can be collected and fused together. Players can even take advantage of Meebs and use them for farming, and trying their luck even further. Today, we got a unique opportunity to direct a few questions to the project’s CEO, Mr Hung Le, who was kind enough to share his thoughts on the NFT market and reveal a few things about his project in greater detail.

1) What can you tell us about Meeb Master? What makes the project stand out from other NFT-based gaming projects?

Meeb Master is an NFT game where players can play and earn tokens from various game modes as well as DeFi yield farming. Players can also collect, fuse and trade NFTs in the Meeb Master NFT market.

What makes us stand out from other NFT-based gaming projects is that our project provides the 1st-ever NFT-boosted Farming in the blockchain gaming market, players can choose to farm MEEB tokens either with or without Meeb NFTs. Besides, we have AFK (Away from keyboard) feature which helps users earn more conveniently and the PvP battles, where players can assemble their Meeb teams and fight against the others for the rewards. Moreover, we also have Fusion, where players can use 2 of their Meebs to create a new one with a higher level of purity. 

2) Let’s talk about the Meebs themselves. What are they exactly, and what do they do?

As you can find in our storyline, Meebs are the celestial creatures living somewhere else outside the Earth. After a meteorite carrying Meeb eggs hit the planet, they thrived as if on their native homeland. Just like the other aliens that we always see in the movies, Meebs do have a superpower and of course, they are savage creatures. This leads to the idea that players are the Meeb trainers, who not only assemble but also tame and train them to join in the battles against the others.  

3) What can you tell us about the Meeb Master’s gameplay?

We can say that with Meeb Master, we are partly shifting from traditional mobile games to crypto games. However, developing games that can satisfy both traditional gamers and crypto enthusiasts is not an easy thing to do. Hence, we have created a variety of features to fit in any group of users. For the gamers, we have PvP battles and in the future, there will also be PvE Mode. On the other hand, we have Farming and AFK Mode for the investors to earn from the game. Moreover, there is also Fusion, an interesting feature that can excite any user.

4) And is there a possibility to earn while playing?

Of course yes! Play to Earn is the concept that we have been heading to right from the early stage of this project. Throughout multiple gameplays, users will have a chance to gain massive rewards, usually MeeCoins – our in-game tokens, which can later be converted to MEEB tokens.

We are trying our best so that users can profit from all of our features. 

5) How does farming with Meebs work?

We are proud to say that we are the one to provide players with the 1st-ever NFT-boosted Farming System. Users can stake the Meeb with the highest productivity to boost the rewards, which can be up to 30%. On the other hand, if players do not own any NFT, they can still use this feature and receive the tokens, however, the rewards will be burned by 50% when harvesting. The productivity of the Meebs is varied and the minimum rate is 2%. 

There are currently 3 farming pools available:

  •       Meeb staking pool with 10x allocation and a withdrawal fee of 0.5% within 72 hours;
  •       PolyDex pool with the MEEB/USDC pair, 20x allocation, and no fee;
  •       QuickSwap pool with the MEEB/MATIC pair, 4x allocation, and no fee;

Soon we will open more farming pools on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) when the bridging process is finished.

6) Can users create their own, new Meebs?

Absolutely! Aside from purchasing directly on our Marketplace, users can also create new Meebs through Fusion. Different from normal breeding concept, two parental Meebs used in Fusion will be burned to generate the new Meeb. This new offspring can possess either their parent’s body parts or completely different ones. As a result, players might have a chance to own a Meeb with a higher level of purity after the process. 

7) What is the role of MeeCoin in the Meeb Master ecosystem?

Great questions. MeeCoin is our in-game token, which players can receive from winning the battles or from the AFK feature. It can be used in many of our upcoming features, for example, to purchase and upgrade equipment, decorate the garden, or even to feed the Meebs. On top of that, with the release of our latest feature MeeConverter, users can now exchange their MeeCoins to MEEB tokens. Well, we can say that MeeCoin plays an important role in our Play to Earn Model. 

8) Where can users go to exchange their Meebs?

Recently we have opened our NFT Marketplace on PolySTORE as a collaboration with our strategic partner PolyDEX. On this market, players are free to trade for their Meeb NFTs. 

9) We see that you have made an update recently. Is there any interesting feature coming with this update?

Our latest update came right before Halloween and of course, we would love to celebrate this holiday with something huge. We have released new Halloween theme costumes along with some major modifications for better game balancing. However, the highlight of this update actually went to the MeeConverter – MeeCoin to MEEB exchange, which has officially opened the Play to Earn phase of our project. Now players can truly earn from playing the game. 

10) Finally, can you share some of your future plans for the projects? What do you hope to achieve next?

We have a transparent roadmap right from the start and we have always followed up this plan since then. Our next target is the release of the PvP Full Mode, which will come in Q4 this year, along with some small add-on, the Leaderboard and Ranking System. Moreover, we are also working on the bridging to Binance Smart Chain (BSC). 

But after all, as an experienced game developer, our biggest goal is to serve our players with the best product and to bring our game to a broader community.

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