MEDIEUS Listing on, Gains Attention in Global Crypto Market

MEDIEUS, a pioneering blockchain-based healthcare platform, has announced its official listing on the global cryptocurrency exchange,, which occurred on May 27, 2024. This significant milestone highlights MEDIEUS’s ongoing commitment to expanding its presence and influence in the cryptocurrency market.

Launched in 2019, MEDIEUS aims to revolutionize traditional centralized medical services by creating a patient-centered medical ecosystem on its Web3 platform. By decentralizing the hospital and doctor reputation systems, MEDIEUS leverages patients’ medical experiences to build a more equitable healthcare environment. This innovative approach also rewards users for their contributions, enhancing the overall value and functionality of the platform.

Recently, MEDIEUS has ramped up its efforts to enhance B2B services, marking a notable development with the signing of an MOU with the Real World Asset (RWA) project Elysia. This partnership initiates joint research and development focused on real estate services for medical institutions, with the aim of innovating new business models and ecosystems within the RWA sector. By leveraging Elysia’s expertise in tokenizing data into real assets, MEDIEUS is set to drive significant advancements in the healthcare and real estate industries.

Individual patient registration of his/her own medical information, such as a medical receipt, prescription, examination result sheet, etc MEDIEUS coin rewards based on registered information. Integration and Management/Analysis of personal health data- Benefits of personal health history management service.

Rewarded Medieus cash can be used for a variety of benefits through Medical open market for payment or the use of medical products, the use of platform, subscriptions for seminar training and advertising and so on.

In addition to this, MEDIEUS is expanding its ecosystem through strategic partnerships with various projects, including Project WITH, Ziktalk, and Cratos. These collaborations aim to enhance healthcare service support and online questionnaire services, further enriching the platform’s offerings and reach.

To celebrate its new listing on, MEDIEUS is hosting an MDUS airdrop event for partner project users and participants. Detailed information about the event can be accessed through the official MEDIEUS community channels.

MEDIEUS’s listing on marks a pivotal step in its journey, drawing considerable attention from the global crypto market. As MEDIEUS continues to grow and evolve, it remains dedicated to transforming the healthcare landscape through its innovative blockchain solutions.

It’s a compensatory system based on patient participation that strengthen patient ownership on the platform It is to provide points for the patient’s health data establishing an ecosystem of various medical product experiences.

Users such as patients, hospitals, doctors, and companies information registration and sharing, community activities, purchaselevel, etc. With Medieus Cahs depending on various activities. You can get compensation

For more information, please visit MEDIEUS’s official community channels.


MEDIEUS is a blockchain-based commercial platform where:

  • Patients earn MDUS rewards by sharing medical experience data.
  • A data-driven reputation system for medical institutions is established.
  • Personalized medical and healthcare services are recommended based on data.

These services and products can be accessed on the MEDIEUS platform using the rewarded MDUS tokens.

Those interested in more about MDUS can visit these links:


Website: |

Telegram: Official ( | Global (


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