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Medical Loupes Market will reach Total Valuation of US$ 475.4 Mn in 2029

Total sales in the global medical loupes market are forecast to total US$ 324.9 Mn in 2022. Increasing demand for digital surgical loupes for surgical and dental practices is projected to boost sales at a 5.6% CAGR, with the market valuation reaching US$ 475.4 Mn in 2029.

Patients’ increasing preference for minimally invasive operations is projected to drive demand for medical loupes. These operations are carried out with specialist equipment that incorporates cutting-edge technology such as artificial intelligence (AR). This is incentivizing manufacturers to release AR-enabled loupes, hence boosting the market growth.

Aside from that, increased focus on surgeons and helping staff’s health as a result of long working hours during surgeries is driving rising sales of medical loupes. These products help patients by reducing eye strain, improving visual clarity, and improving patient outcomes

According to Future Market Insights, medical loupes represented 1-4 percent of the worldwide surgical equipment market in 2022. (FMI).

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