MediBloc to participate in government-funded project (NIA project), making it the First Government Funded Blockchain Project in South Korea

MediBloc will be working together with the National Information Society Agency(NIA); a quasi-government agency under the Ministry of Science and ICT in South Korea, making MediBloc, the first government-funded blockchain project in South Korea. Also, the world’s first government-funded project that allows the health data transfer between big hospitals using blockchain-based personal health record platform.

This was announced on July 17, where Dr. Eunsol Lee and Dr. Allen Wookyun Kho, CEO, and co-founders of MediBloc attended the ceremony to launch their alliance with NIA projects. The ceremony took place at the Intercontinental Seoul COEX and marks the beginning of a partnership between MediBloc and NIA.

The project titled KOREN is a blockchain based medical data network system and a platform that collects medical data and information on a decentralized system for research purposes. The medical facilities at the forefront of this partnership are the Seoul National University, Bundang Hospital; which is the supervisory body on this project with other institutions.

Why MediBloc

MediBloc was selected as the only blockchain technology due to its manifesto of reinventing the medical world by breaking the current trend of how medical information is handled and giving the patients more control over their personal medical information. This decentralized platform will be handling medical information beneficial to the healthcare providers, research institutes, and the patients whose information is being used. Also, the project aims to reduce the cost of medical care and other cost incurred by the patients that use the services.

Dr. Lee Eunsol, a participant at the event said, this is an accomplishment in the medical world as finally, the government agency, medical institutions, and healthcare companies are willing to work together to change the trend in the medical sectors across the globe to allow easy access and cost-effective medical care for all. The system will also allow for personal health records to be accessed for the improvement of medicine at large.

Benefits of using MediBloc

Their roadmap and whitepaper elaborated on their mission statement, the benefits are:

 Financial gain: patients can access their data without restraints and to sell their medical information to research institutes to formulate a cure or drug for medical problems

Enjoy quality care: Having access to medical information reduces the risk of medical errors and allows doctors to make a better decision concerning a patient via their medical information.

Accelerated innovation: Researchers and pharmaceutical companies will have access to a detailed medical record of a patient to develop drugs or cure to prevent the reoccurrence of an ailment.

The Team

The MediBloc team and its founders have a vast knowledge of the medical sectors. The founders who are computer scientists earlier worked in the medical industry and are a certified physician and dental surgeon respectively. The other team members are data architects, blockchain experts, and highly commended medical professionals in various medical fields. The MediBloc team aims to fix the deep-rooted problem of PHR markets and give patients control over their personal information through the blockchain technology.

MediBloc is reinventing the medical sector, and we solicit the support from the medical sector and beyond to achieve the set milestone. The team is preparing an airdrop event to celebrate the launch of the NIA project.

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