Media Traffics Founder Yousif Alias, Launches a New Revolutionary CRM that is Disrupting the Sales Industry

Digital marketing has become a major key player for businesses across the globe and the days of creating mediocre advertisements have come and gone. The survival of a company in the era of technology demands the generation of sales leads which is ultimately the lifeblood of a sales team. CEO of Media Traffics, Yousif Alias, has not only cracked the code to the secrets of lead generation, but he has continued to explore more advanced ways of assisting clients by developing an innovative CRM that gives those who uses his marketing agency the freedom of doing business while their organizations’ streamline processes are being covered.  

The Launching of

The main goals of Media Traffics are to help business owners with lead generation and booked appointments, and Yousif guarantees all his clients an average of over 100 booked appointments per month. This objective is achieved by using tools that have been meticulously developed by Alias and his team, namely KenjiCRM which is essentially an all-in-one software that has allowed his company to build websites with an integrated Google calendar and you can even send your clients an SMS follow-up sequence which can be automated and customized by business owners. The purpose of the sophisticated system is to ensure that clients of Media Traffics do not lose any valuable information during the process of communication and this feature is something their clients can use without any monthly installments. This is a major benefit for those business owners who want to grow their bottom line and generate quality leads. 

The birth of KenjiCRM stemmed from the issue that clients would have with having scattered systems that they would then have to manage themselves, and Yousif quickly came to realize that a better functioning technology solution needs to be developed in order to provide his clients with the best possible services. Alias says “@kenji.CRM on Instagram has all the tools we need from start to finish, for example, if you have leads, you can call, text or do a voice-drop on your leads or clients directly from the app as well as set up automated calls and follow-up Facebook messages”, which all ultimately saves his clients time on menial tasks that are however still crucial to the flow of communication and productivity. He continues saying “the automated responses are so human, since it is set up by people, and based on what they would say” which is another added advantage of using this system because although bots can be extremely helpful, as humans we recognize this as AI and that personal sentiment is sometimes lost.

Cutting-Edge Features and Welcome Technical Expertise 

With the help of KenjiCRM business owners can perform numerous functions that will help them stay organized and on top of their client communication. Yousif and his team will also be available to lend their professional expertise with regards to booked appointments, sales training, lead generation, follow-ups, and ISA. The features embedded in the app itself will offer clients of Media Traffics real team collaboration, a dashboard overview, automated follow-ups with no hidden fees. Clients will even be able to view the results live using this system which will allow companies to nurture targets until they are ready to buy. 

Since the launch of KenjiCRM in December of 2020, Alias has dedicated countless hours to developing an app that functions perfectly. His company has significantly grown over the past 10 years and he expanded the business by adding 49 creators to his team which allowed him to generate $50,000 a month extra to their recurring revenue. 

In Conclusion

Yousifs’ journey to success and the continuous development of Media Traffics has been tough, but his dedication to putting in the hard work has gradually been paying off, and his advice to any person who would aspire to walk in his footsteps would be to “close your eyes, and stick with what you are doing. The more you stick with it, the more it grows regardless of how hard you’re going at it.” Wise words from a young entrepreneur who now boasts with a long list of happy customers on Media Traffic’s client’s list and is now rated as the highest marketing agency in the world. Finally, a fresh breath of air for those who need an alternative to Salesforce, Oracale, SAP, Microsoft, Zendesk and Adobe. 

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