Media Protocol: A Safe Home For Content Creators, Publishers and Consumers.

There has been a long-term intermediary existing between media creators and consumers or distributors. These intermediaries take the form of media owners, and they do not allow reward go to who it should go to, neither do they allow creators take the right credit they deserve. Media protocol is a platform that seeks to bridge these intermediaries and redistribute powers subsisting in media owners to media creators, media publishers and consumers of media contents. This way, media creators, publishers and consumers alike are able to benefit from the exchange of media contents. Media protocol also provides relevant data needed to publishers, personal credit to media creators for content created and value desired by a consumer. The media protocol provides a media exchange atmosphere that is effective, transparent and secured all of which is hinged on three vital keys which are; relevant data, reward deserved, and value desired.

How Does Media Protocol Work

The working structure of Media protocol is very simple and highly flexible. Being a protocol, Media protocol regulates the flow of value from content created by media creators on one end, to activities of publishers on the other end, and the desires of consumers on another end. This three-way movement of value is well regulated by the activities of Blockchain in a way as to make it very transparent, effective and secured. With Media protocol, there is no such intermediary and stringent algorithm, there is a decentralized system where with direct interaction between media creators, content distributors and consumers. This interaction helps in providing value for each an everyone as much as it is due to them. Media protocol by creating a direct relationship between actors helps in generating incentives for each actor in the ecosystem.

Media Protocol Token

The Media token is the designated token to be used on the Media protocol platform and also on every other application or software built on this platform. Purchasing media tokens is the means value are being added to contents with Media protocol. Tokens purchased when listed can also be exchanged and traded alongside other cryptocurrencies in the ecosystem. The date for the commencement of sale of the Media tokens is not yet fixed. However, it is necessary to keep your fingers cross to be on the first queue of people purchasing the tokens so as to enjoy the many benefits that come with it.

The Team of Experts

Media protocol is made up of a team of experts in the field of media and technology and other fields relating to services offered by Media protocol. Among these team of experts include:

James Tabor, who is the founder and  CEO of Media Protocol.

Thomas Graham and Martin Adams who are Co-founders.

Josef Sevcik who is a Blockchain Develepor and specialist.

Julia Bohutska, a data scientist with a wide range of experience.

Mahmoud Hanafy, who is a backend developer for Media Protocol.

Vianney le Masne, an experienced Lead designer.

Dan Holloway is the Head of operations.

Aside from its team of experts, Media protocol also has a team of advisers. Notable among them include:

Andy Tian who is the CEO of Gifto.

Kate Cox, CMO and EMEA of GoDaddy; and

Dominique Delport the Global Managing Director at Havas Group.

Risks of Investing In Media Protocol

Just like every other Blockchain based platform, Media protocol is also open to certain risk some of which includes lost of key used in accessing digital wallet, cyber scams and hacks by fraudsters and hackers,  and gradual losing of interest in digital currencies. Media protocol is fully aware of this risk and is alert to checkmate it. In doing this, Media protocol subjects itself to timely innovations that make the platform more effective and secured. Also to checkmate these risks and ensure the platform is a success, Media protocol is partnering with top companies like Kenetic Capital, Wachsman and AmaZix.

With Media protocol, there are no hidden charges for the creation of media contents or it’s distribution. Every actor with Media protocol has a direct control over his/her contents. Media protocol provides a two-way reward system. The first rewards media creators for the content they create, and publishers for those contents they publish. The second rewards consumers for generating personal preference data. Media protocol provides such an enabling environment for media creators, publishers and consumers. One that is highly scalable, transparent and very secured.

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