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Measuring the low current with state-of-the-art semiconductors

With increasing energy demand, choosing a reliable and proven way to manage power supply, storage, and consumption is critical. More than ever, it is essential to optimize energy consumption in electrical systems. The energy transformation processes must therefore be efficient to avoid wasting resources.

This is where current sensors come in: they measure electricity parameters wherever it is transported, used, transformed, or converted. Thanks to these current sensors, energy can be better optimized, and the whole planet benefits. Therefore, it is essential to choose a reliable and highly accurate current sensing component.

Measuring electrical current with LEM’s GO Series

The need to optimize power consumption to save as much as possible is crucial in a world where electrification is constantly growing. To meet this need, electric motors can operate with renewable energy with efficiencies greater than 90% (i.e. they virtually consume all the energy they receive to provide the service they were designed for). In order to maintain these performance levels, manufacturers must regularly measure what is going in and out of the system to ensure that electric motors are only using what they actually need to function.

This is even more important for small motors like electric bikes because of their limited supply of energy. When the driver presses the pedals, the system must pump the right amount of current out of the battery and inject it into the electric motor. This is where the Integrated Current Sensors (ICS) Go Series, GO SME and GO SMS come into play, transforming the current and ensuring that the flow of electricity is consistent with system instructions.

LEM’s GO SME and GO SMS are standard SOIC 8 and SOIC 16 package ICSs, and therefore, easily integrated into all systems. They are ideal for small motors for electric bikes but also for inverters, DC/DC converters, white goods, and OBCs.

GO SME and GO SMS act as the eyes and brain of your electrical system

GO Series SME and GO Series SMS are the brains of the electrical system, so to speak: these semiconductor sensors will constantly check that the current settings are optimal. GO Series SME and GO Series SMS compare up to tens of thousands of times per second the actual current in the motor with the ideal value it needs to operate in an optimal way.

If they find any anomaly, the semiconductors-like sensors will tell the system to send less power and verify that the current value is properly reduced at the right time and place in the circuit.

LEM GO SME and GO SMS – the current sensors of tomorrow

Electrical optimization requirements are becoming more and more demanding, which is why LEM has developed current sensors that are perfectly suited to the increasingly rigorous needs of manufacturers.

GO SME and GO SMS benefit from LEM’s 15 years of experience in ASIC development. They are smaller to fit any environment and smarter because they reduce the footprint of the current sensing function and simplify the integration of current measurement.

With a “smaller, smarter, cheaper” approach, LEM has developed ICSs that fit perfectly to the demand of OEMs in industrial or residential applications. They are a perfect compromise for small drives, robots, solar inverters, e-bikes, etc.

Main technical features:

  • 1% accuracy at 25°C
  • Low drifts (offset: 75uV/°C, Gain: 200ppm)
  • 17mA power consumption
  • Fixed and ratiometric output














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